Get back in shape with the new Decathlon offers: discounts are even more than 50%!

Get back in shape with the new Decathlon offers: discounts are even more than 50%!

Get back in shape with the new Decathlon offers

After an intense week that saw Amazon Gaming Week triumph in the vast panorama of offers, with its incredible opportunities dedicated to the world of games and related hardware, we now inform you of the new rounds of offers from Decathlon, probably the best store where find sportswear for both him and her, but also multiple items for your passion.

Although the summer period should last a while, we believe it is appropriate to report the presence of several items for the next seasons , which are already offered at incredibly advantageous prices, often even exceeding the 50% threshold. An example is this sweater for children between the ages of 7 and 15, offered for only € 10.99 following a 56% reduction. Thanks to the crepe fabric, it will guarantee maximum warmth and comfort and is ideal both for children who want to go on an adventure, and for children who want to stay warm during a trip out of town.

A capable sweater therefore to shelter you from the wind and other atmospheric agents that could ruin your day. If you are looking for offers related to clothing still useful for the current season, we can only point out the Atorka short-sleeved t-shirt which, thanks to the excellent 50% discount, can be yours for only € 3.99. >
Available in many colors and sizes, this shirt has been designed to allow you to train comfortably, with materials that absorb sweat, thus giving you the feeling of always staying cool and dry. As you may have guessed, the product selection is very wide, so we don't want to linger too long, also because we have compiled our usual personalized product list in which we group what are, in our opinion, the most interesting offers.

In any case, to discover all the other offers it is advisable to visit the Decathlon promotion page directly, where you will find hundreds of items on offer. That said, before leaving you to the list of available offers, we remind you once again that if you are looking for further discounts, there is no better place than our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you all in real time. the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping and have fun!

Our product selection

Qechua children's sweater | € 10.99 (€ 24.99) Atorka Short Sleeve T-Shirt | € 3.99 (€ 7.99) Solognac hunting bag - 10 bullets | 2,79 € (7,99 €) Merrel Crosslander women's mountain shoes | € 54.99 (€ 69.99) MH160 Cat 3 Mountain Sunglasses | € 9.00 (€ 14.99) Knife with olive handle and case | € 24.99 (€ 34.99) Columbia Mountain Cap | € 11.99 (€ 19.99) Domyos Fitness Leggings | € 12.99 (€ 18.99) Domyos Fitness Tank Top | 4,99 € (6,99 €)

Offers still available

KIPRUN KD500 running shoes - various sizes and colors | 38,99 € (89,99 €) Adidas Essential hoodie - various sizes | 29,99 € (59,99 €) Kalenji man tank top blue-orange - various sizes | € 10.99 (€ 14.99) Tapiroulant- BH FITNESS desk | € 1,399 (€ 3,199) Silver bike Reebok A4.0 | 399 € (700 €) “SPLASH POOL” - 4,6 × 0,9 m | 449 € (835.77 €) Bestway Inflatable Rectangular Pool - 211 X 132 X 46 cm | € 19.99 (€ 24.99)

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How’s your agent decathlon going?

The agent decathlon winds up this month with the final two ‘events’ to get you ready for the big travel boom that is coming … and to a great extent is already underway. Have you have been going through the different modules to get yourself fit?

There’s a lot a travel agent needs to know these days … the rules keep shifting … clients have lots of questions and you want to make sure you know where to go to get answers. 

Now, more than ever, travel agents can really add value and save clients a lot of time searching for information online. Now is the time to get prepared and show your worth! And don’t forget to charge for your time!

The Travel Agent Next Door launched the Go for Gold Agent Decathlon Challenge in June 2021 for the 10 weeks leading up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 10 Decathlon ‘events’ take agents through different aspects of our business to get back in shape for the rebound that is already happening.  

In this column we talk about the final two ‘events’: insurance and how to make the most of social media.

You can find out more here.


The insurance world has changed dramatically because of the pandemic and you need to make sure you stay up to date with what is available and what you should be selling regarding insurance for your clients while the pandemic is still a consideration and travel advisories remain in place.

If your travel insurance supplier offers courses, brush up and refresh your knowledge. A lot has changed and insurance coverage by each company continues to be updated with new information.

Make sure you always offer insurance and always have your clients sign a waiver if they decline it.

Get to know the COVID Insurance plans – who is eligible? What if you are vaccinated or not vaccinated? What does it cover? What is excluded?  What is the dollar amount covered? And what are the terms and conditions?

Make sure you invoice your service fees properly so in the case of an insurance claim, your client can claim service fees as well.

Never forget, insurance is a great revenue generator! Always offer it! And most important, selling insurance protects you as well as your clients.


Social media has changed how we do a lot of things from communicate with friends and family to attracting new clients and building your brand. 

Make sure you tell great stories on your social media page. Make it informative and fun. Your posts should inspire people to want to travel.

Share your value through tips on what you can do for your clients. It’s okay to brag a little!

Social media isn’t called ‘social’ for nothing. Make sure you always post things that are likely to get likes, comments and shares. Always interact with anyone who takes the time to like, comment or share your posts. These are all opportunities for you. 

Take your followers behind the scenes and let them get to know you and what you do.

And don’t forget to share your own travel plans. Where are you excited to go next? What new travel trends are you seeing? The name of the game is to ENGAGE with your followers, start conversations, and show interest in them.

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