Google: If you want to work from your home office, you have to forego a salary

Google: If you want to work from your home office, you have to forego a salary


According to current reports, Google employees have to forego part of their salary if they want to work permanently from their home office in the future. Several screenshots from an internal tool of the company demonstrate the reductions. Speaking to Reuters news agency, an anonymous employee said he would lose 10 percent of his income if he did his job from home.

The employee commutes up to two hours a day to the Seattle office to get. Because he is threatened with loss of salary, he will continue to take the path. According to him, he received a ten percent pay increase the last time he was promoted. After all the hard work he doesn't want to give up on this because he wants to work from home.

But there is also a threat of cuts in other locations. Obviously, it plays a big role where the employees have their home. An employee from Stamford, Connecticut, USA, who goes to the Google office in New York City, would have to forego 15 percent of her salary if she switched to home office full-time. One of her colleagues, who instead lives directly in New York City, could stay in the home office without any cuts.

According to Google, the location where the employee works is responsible for the remuneration. As a result, some commuters would get less money - even if they were employed in a better-paying office. Some employees would lose up to 25 percent if they switched to home office. Google also mentions the slump in productivity they noticed among their employees during the pandemic - when many people were working from home.

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Google Fi has one of the most interesting Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 preorder deals today

samsung-z-flip-3-unpacked-aug-2021-cnet-027.pngSamsung Z Flip 3

There's no shortage of ways to preorder a Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 today. The real challenge is choosing the one with the best collection of useful add-ons, discounts, and trade-in value for your current phone. While most retailers are offering deals fairly similar to Samsung's own website, Google Fi is trying something different. If you're new to Fi, you can get a $400 discount in addition to the $150 accessory discount from Samsung entirely separate from the discount you get on a phone trade in. That's a maximum of $1,150 in possible savings by pre-ordering a $1,000 phone. 

There are some important caveats to this combination of offers. For starters, the $400 discount isn't on the Flip 3, it's on the Fi service itself. There are no terms forcing you to use Fi for a set period of time, but the credit is non-transferrable so you're going to want to stick around for at least as long as the credit lasts which on average would be six months. As long as you're a new Fi subscriber, or an existing subscriber with active service within the last 180 days, you will get the credit applied to your Fi account shortly after you preorder the phone. The $150 Samsung accessory discount will come next, but instead of buying accessories from Fi you'll be buying them from Samsung directly. 

Finally, the trade-in system. The value you get on phones when traded in through Google Fi aren't quite as good as you'll find at Samsung directly, and not as many phones are accepted, so you will need to verify you can actually trade in your phone and that you're happy with the value before you go through with this. If everything comes together as planned, though, you'll find this combined discount to be a fantastic way to save money on a wild new phone. 

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