Pokémon GO: Start of the joke season - all information about innovations & bonuses

Pokémon GO: Start of the joke season - all information about innovations & bonuses

Pokémon GO

"The strange events at the Pokémon Go Fest 2021 continue into the season of practical jokes," announced Niantic in a recent blog entry, confirming that the new season will begin on September 1st - and will run until December 1st. During the joke time you go in the footsteps of the pocket monster Hoopa, which you can meet, among other things, if you master the special research for this season: Misunderstood jokes.

"As Hoopa during the Pokémon Go Fest 2021 Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go has been summoned, the room was curved and the flow of time was disturbed. Thanks to Hoopa, even some Galar Pokémon have found their way into Pokémon GO, "write the developers. The special research is therefore available punctually for the start of the joke season on September 1st, and you can work on it until December 1st. In the course of the season, further parts of the special research are to be activated. This is how you can encounter a Hoopa (Banned) when you complete the tasks that will be available in Pokémon Go on September 5th. If you complete the special research, you will unlock a "special event" at the end of the season. Niantic has not yet given any further details. However, the joke Pokémon is probably the focus here as well.

In addition, on September 5th between 11 am and 5 pm there will be strange phenomena around the world, in which Hoopa apparently has a hand in it. Individual Pokémon of different types appear in the wilderness at different times on Sunday, such as psycho, ghost and dark - you lure them with smoke. You can find the schedule on the Niantic website. Furthermore, players can look forward to a collector's challenge with the Pokémon that will be attracted by Rauch during the event period.

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Pokémon GO: Hyperbonus Part 3 before the start - all information about the event

The starting shot for the third Hyperbonus event in the mobile game Pokémon GO will be given shortly. We have the most important information for you. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1378631,1377799,1377364,1377209'; As a reward you will receive Hoopa candy and the avatar pose "Raise Poké Ball". In addition, there are twice as many sweets as usual for sending Pokémon. Also stop by the shop to clear a free box with 1x smoke. You can get special sweets and various balls from event field research tasks. The next events will follow on September 8th and 25th. Four more are due in October and November. Details are likely to follow in the coming weeks.

In the wild, keep an eye out for other Pokémon that appear in Pokémon Go as the season changes. For example, you will meet Shuppet and Mollimorba in the city, Schnuthelm in the forest, Kleinstein in the mountains and Krabby by the water. In addition, other monsters hatch from the individual eggs, including Ohrdoch, Jurob and Nidoran. During the joke time, a different Pokémon gets a WP boost every month if you trigger its Mega Evolution. September is Lahmus, October is Gengar, and November is Hundemon.

In addition, Ditto transforms into other types of Pokémon, including Traumato, Remoraid, and Nebulak. So it should be worth paying a visit to the smartphone adventure from September onwards.

The new ‘Pokémon GO’ season will be the Season of Mischief

The new Pokémon GO season begins September 1 and players will be able to participate in the Season of Mischief which focuses on an adventure starring Hoopa.

The Mischief Pokémon is available to encounter early on in the season’s Special Research story known as Misunderstood Mischief. Those who complete the story will gain access to an event at the end associated with the quirky Pokémon character.

Season of Mischief runs from Wednesday, September 1 at 10 AM until Wednesday, December 1 2021 at 10 AM so there’s plenty of time to get involved. However, get started now and until October 1, players will also encounter Ditto in Research Breakthrough encounters. For the first time ever outside of Special Research, there’s also the opportunity to come across a Shiny Ditto with them even available in the wild during and after the time period.

Players will also gain access to different sets of tasks within the Special Research story depending on when they get involved with the Pokémon GO site highlighting that Confined Hoopa will be encountered beginning September 5. Fear not if you miss out as it also explains that Confined Hoopa “may be available again in the future”.

Other updates for the season include a one-time purchase bundle containing a Remote Raid Pass and other items being made available in the shop for 1 PokeCoin. The bundle is available every Monday throughout September with the Pokémon appearing in raids resetting at the same time.

Numerous Pokémon will appear in five-star raids throughout September including Lugia between September 1-14, followed by Mesprit from September 14-October 1. A Shiny one is also a possibility for the first time ever.

Every Wednesday in September will also feature a Raid Hour event between 6 PM and 7 PM local time with Lugia and Mesprit featuring. Slower and Houndoom will also appear in Mega Raids as Mega-Evolved Pokémon.

Finally, keep an eye out for the next Community Day on September 19 which will feature Oshawot.

Recently, Niantic decided to make the Pokémon GO 80m inert action radius a permanent change after a huge backlash from players.

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