Naruto: Alina Becker's Tsunade cosplay is very faithful to the original

Naruto: Alina Becker's Tsunade cosplay is very faithful to the original


Naruto is one of the manga and anime sagas most appreciated by fans of the Japanese world and the same can be said of cosplay fans. Many characters of the saga are often recreated by cosplayers from all over the world and, now, Alina Becker, also known as japp_leack, offers us her own Tsunade cosplay.

Alina Becker proposes a Tsunade extremely faithful to the original. The character of Naruto is presented with the same clothes in the anime and, Alina, did not forget to remember how the warrior has a certain propensity for gambling, as you can read in the comment to her Instagram post. Tsunade's cosplay is certainly well done.

If you're a fan of Alina Becker, then you shouldn't miss out on japp_leack's Gerudo version of Zelda cosplay too. It's very summery. How not to mention the cosplay of 2B by Alina Becker is Christmas and overflowing. We conclude with Alina Becker's Tifa cosplay showing its hidden sides.

Changing gender, here is YuzuPyon's Camie cosplay showing all sides of the character. We also admire Lisa's cosplay from shinkijade also has special effects. Here is the cosplay of 2B by anastasia.komori is revealed with three different costumes. Finally, monpink's Himiko Toga cosplay is gory and insane.

Tell us, what do you think of the Tsunade cosplay made by Alina Becker? Was Naruto's warrior created correctly, or do you think you've seen higher quality versions?

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