Assassin's Creed Valhalla: how to get Thor's armor set and Mjöllnir hammer

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: how to get Thor's armor set and Mjöllnir hammer
Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been on our consoles for ten days now, starting from November 19 also on PlayStation 5 for those who were lucky enough to buy it on the first round of distributions, and like the two previous chapters it is proving to be an incredibly vast game (the map is even bigger than Assassin's Creed Odyssey), full of activities but above all of secrets: among these, Thor's armor set and his trusty hammer Mjöllnir, waiting only for players worthy of wielding it, could not be missing. In the next few lines we will explain how to get it all, trying to summarize it as much as possible and above all to avoid spoilers: we tested the game at the maximum difficulty and although a power level is needed, in theory, around 300 to complete the search, the simplicity of the patterns of some enemies allows you to dare even around 150 - even more so if you play at lower difficulty. Just be careful with the moveset of certain bosses that we are going to illustrate shortly. However, as you need to complete the main story to get the whole set, you might as well get comfortable and retrieve each piece at the end.

Thor's gloves, armor and breeches

These three pieces of equipment are the first you will come into possession of, in whatever order you prefer. They will each be the prize for defeating the three daughters of Lerion, characters of which we will not reveal anything else to leave you the pleasure of discovery: there is no real quest that activates this research, you could come across all of them simply by exploring the territories. This means that, although there is the villa of Lerion in which to find the information necessary to contextualize the story (and not only), you are not forced to find it first to start the hunt. Don't be fooled by the power of the territory you are in, the daughters far outweigh it.

In order they are Goneril, Regan and Cordelia: the first is found in the Grantebridgescire, more precisely in the Paludi di Spalda, to attract it you just need to interact with the bound corpse. Like her sisters, she uses two daggers to land quick attacks, some of which are unstoppable. To differentiate these fights from each other are the abilities of each daughter, who in the case of Goneril rely on poison (in the second phase), creating a incorporeal clone to inflict damage on you and teleporting behind your back to try to take you by surprise. Use the fight against her to memorize her attack patterns, as they will repeat for the other daughters as well; we repeat, the only difference between them is in the skills, the melee is perfectly identical since they wield all three of the daggers.

Regan is instead in East Anglia, not too far from the Torre in Ruina observation point: the pattern of his attacks is identical to that of Goneril but, unlike his sister, he tends to be slower in his attacks - a slowness which he obviates with a force major and even a few more low hits. It does not disdain in turn a clone, while once brought to mid-life the arena will ignite and Regan will begin to use fire against you: as usual, take advantage of the dodge, take measurements with the length of the attacks and deflect them to create the right opening, not giving it respite.

Cordelia is finally always in East Anglia, not too far from the observation point. Guard of Britannia: again , as far as physical attacks are concerned, take advantage of the experience accumulated with the other two sisters, just be careful when she distances herself from you to summon three copies that will attack you at incredible speed. Dodge as soon as you see one appear, otherwise you will be hit with no remedy. After bringing her to mid-life, she will harness the power of thunder to bombard you with electric shocks that you can easily avoid by keeping away from circles on the ground. Beware that the arena will get darker, making it difficult to see Cordelia, but with a little more attention the third and last daughter of Lerion will fall at your feet (dead of course).

Thor's helmet

Killed the daughters of Lerion not only will you have obtained the first three pieces of equipment but as many sacrificial daggers, if we want to define them, which must be inserted in the back of a statue kept in the basement of the villa of Lerion. From the point marked on the screen below, go down the stairs and just follow the road to a large room inside which the aforementioned statue is located: interacting and using the daggers you will unlock a secret area that will lead you to an underground room at the bottom of which a chest containing Thor's helmet awaits you. You are almost there, two more steps (the longest) and you can wear the role of the God of Thunder.

Thor's Cape

This is undoubtedly the most laborious piece to obtain, as you will have to kill all forty-five members of the Order of the Ancients - we will publish a guide on this as soon as possible: to do so you will not only need to finish the main story but conquer the whole of England, whose last alliance mission will unlock right at the end of the plot. Once this is done, go back to Hytham in Ravensthorpe and give him all the medallions, he will reward you with Thor's cape: now you are really worthy to go and raise the mighty Mjöllnir, hidden in the freezing native lands of Eivor. Although in fact to find the hammer it would be enough to finish the main story and go to the site you would not be able to lift it without first wearing Thor's full armor. A sensible obligation, indeed.


Thor's legendary hammer is, as it should be, in Norway and can be obtained after completing the main story: navigate to the point indicated in the screenshot above and continue among the rocks, letting yourself be guided by the increasingly intense roar of thunder until you find Mjöllnir stuck in the ground. Now that you are wearing the armor of the god you are worthy to extract it and make your immense power your own: you just have to test it in the field, against the poor English. Aesthetically speaking, all the effort to get the set is definitely worth it, especially if you are playing with Eivor man. If, in order to be a divinity in all respects, you want to buy the Shield of Sleipnir from the Bottega di Reda, we will not stop you: it is an object that is part of the weekly selection and it is very lucky to find it, at this moment it is not among those available (but there is an interesting Huldufolk Shield whose stats are only slightly lower) so keep an eye on the shop occasionally to find it. It's not part of the set anyway - when does Thor ever use a shield? - is only in scenic favor.

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