PS5 is out: everything you need to know about your new console

PS5 is out: everything you need to know about your new console
Many PS5 buyers in Germany have been waiting for November 19th. The new console from Sony has appeared. Due to the low availability, today is certainly not a reason to be happy for all fans. In the past few months there have been offers in various shops since the start of presale, but the number of available PS5s seems so low that most players simply had no chance of getting a console. Many buyers are currently still wondering whether the console will arrive on time. At least for PS5 buyers via Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn, the chances are good. The shipping confirmations from the shops in question came only yesterday after an email at the beginning of the month caused a stir. But let's assume that you are one of those people who can happily receive your new PS5 today: We have summarized all the important information about the PS5 launch for you.

Buy a PS5? Where else can I find consoles?

If you don't get a PS5 yet, then today at 1 p.m. you supposedly have another small chance to buy a PS5 on Amazon. But Amazon has already warned that the number of pieces will be very low. Good luck. It is also not certain when the console will be delivered.

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The launch games of the PS5 presented and tested

Playstation 5: We introduce you to the launch games Demon's Souls: The remake of the modern classic on PS5 in the test Spider-Man Miles Morales: Our test for the PS5 Launch title Sackboy - fireworks for young and old?

The technology and accessories of the PS5

PS5: Accessories for PlayStation 5 - and which PS4 peripherals you can use Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Technology comparison of the PS4 and PS5 version Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Versions for PS5 and PS4 in a graphic comparison The loading times in comparison - PS4 Pro and PS5 Demon's Souls: Video shows technology comparison between PS5 remake and original

The DualSense controller of the PS5

PS5: The DualSense controller is so good ! - Check with Astro's Playroom

The PS Plus Collection

These 20 blockbusters are available for free on the PS5!

Tips for PS5

Setting up your PS5 - tips for good ventilation How to play the PS5 version of a cross-gen game Using Remote Play PS5 games on the PS4, tutorial videos on data transfer, PSN account and the features get a free adapter for PSVR

Test the PS5

The next-gen console in check Advertisement: Order Playstation 5 now from Amazon

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