Amazon Echo bargain: all 50% off

Amazon Echo bargain: all 50% off
On what is the last day of Amazon's "Black Friday in advance", on the eve of what will be the countdown to next week's discounts, Amazon launches the great opportunity on its marketplace: almost the entire Echo line is on offer in time, thus giving a great opportunity to anyone who is looking with curiosity both at the new generation of Echo Dot, and for those who are thinking of an Echo Show. The discount is even 50%.

New Echo Dot 2020: -50%

Discounts are very important, also and above all on newly released terminals and therefore more attractive for the gift Christmas. One above all stands out: the New Echo Dot (4th generation) goes from 59.99 to 29.99 euros. Price halved within a few weeks of its release, in short, giving an immediate boost to the Alexa world in this Christmas sprint.

New Echo Dot 2020 discounted by 50%: from 59.99 to 29.99 euros

The price of the Amazon Echo, the older brother of the "Dot" has not changed: it is available at 99.90 euros, also in the (RED) version.

Echo Show: -50%

The sudden discount also involves the Echo Show line, both from 5 and 8 inches. These models have the peculiarity of being able to also allow a visual interaction, proving to be particularly useful where the Alexa response must be read and not just listened to, or where the device can be used for a video call or to answer the related intelligent video door entry unit.

Amazon Echo Show 5 discounted by 50%: from 129.99 to 64.99 euros

Specifically, the announced prices are as follows:

Amazon Echo Show 5 89.99 euros 49.99 euros Amazon Echo Show 8 129.99 euros 64.99 euros A special page also collects all the other bundles available, where the Echos are combined with light bulbs, cameras or smart sockets for greater integration into your smart home.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation: only € 19.90

But the most attractive price is the previous generation Amazon Echo Dot. The big difference compared to the current one is in terms of design, but the interaction with Alexa is in all respects similar to that offered by the new generation Echo Dot.

The price of the "old" Dot, several times under 30 euros in the past, returns to those 19.90 euros already touched on the occasion of Prime Day and once again becoming the most interesting low cost opportunity of the entire Echo family.

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