Xbox Series S: here's our unboxing video

Xbox Series S: here's our unboxing video
After unspeakable risks and countless hardships we were able to publish our unboxing video of Xbox Series S, the next-gen cheap console on which Microsoft focuses a lot, especially on the long distance.

To open the box we have a stainless Emanuele Gregori who, dressed in a beautiful two-tone sweater, illustrates all the contents of the package in detail. Just think, inside a console box there is a console that looks a lot like itself. How not to get excited?

For all the other details, watch the video at the top of the news and live full of joy of life.

For the rest we remind you that Xbox Series S will be available together with its older sister Xbox Series X starting November 10, 2020. It is less powerful than the other and has a less capacious SSD, but it is a great entry-level hardware for the next generation.

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