play podcast # 247: The Playstation 5 go-ahead

play podcast # 247: The Playstation 5 go-ahead
In the last podcast, we already gave you our first hands-on impressions of the Playstation 5 - in the truest sense. Because apart from groping, we weren't officially allowed to do anything with the thing. This has now come to an end, because Chris and Sascha can now talk in detail about the gaming experience with the new console. So the two chat not only about hardware and accessories, but also about Astro's Playroom, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and NBA 2K21 for the next-gen console.

With so many topics Of course, not much else fits into the broadcasting time, which is why we are pushing the community part to the next issue this time - we will of course catch up on your questions, we will not forget them! And at least we manage to land on the topic of Playstation 5 at some point on West German radio stations, the summer house of the stars and the German national team - after all, people wander off aimlessly as usual. If you want to ask your questions again: Go ahead! Otherwise, as mentioned, we will do everything again for the next podcast. And new questions are of course also welcome.

P.S .: A little spoiler - we're already preparing a few surprises for issue 250. So look forward to ... do a quick calculation ... to December 28th. Nobody has anything to do anyway.

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The topics of issue 247:

00:00:24 - Intro, greeting, God and the world

00:15:30 - Pulse 3D wireless headset and other technical topics

00:25:50 - Astro's Playroom + Controller Features

00:38:34 - Sackboy: A Big Adventure

00:58: 14 - NBA 2K21 Next-Gen

01:30:20 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The next issue of the play podcast is out on November 30.

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