On November 3, the bike bonus starts: here's how to apply

On November 3, the bike bonus starts: here's how to apply

On the website buonomobilità.it you can apply for a contribution for the purchase of bicycles, scooters and segways. Spid is needed for the question. Here are all the instructions

(Photo: Milo Sciaky) On 3 November, at www.buonomobilità.it, the Ministry of the Environment will put online the application to request the mobility bonus, with which you can present the application to obtain up to 500 euros of reimbursement or discount on the purchase of a bicycle, even with pedal assistance, or other means of electric micro-mobility such as scooters, segways, hoverboards or shared mobility services.

And in preparation for the click day that will start in a few days, after several postponements, the National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories (Ancma) has released some recommendations for citizens who intend to take advantage of this measure. First of all, the association recommends activating Spid in time, the public digital identity system, which will allow access to the online application.

Who has already made the purchase

Other recommendation concerns the need to create a pdf version of the purchase receipt in one's own name, whether it is the invoice or a talking receipt, that is, it contains the customer's tax code. This step is recommended for those who have already purchased a bicycle or scooter starting from May 4th and will therefore have to request a refund of the purchase through the application. a copy of the receipt, to be able to obtain a refund of 60%, and up to 500 euros, of the purchase price directly on your current account.

Who has yet to buy the bike

Another phase is instead planned for citizens who have not yet made the purchase. In this case, starting from 3 November and by accessing the ministry app through Spid, citizens will be able to directly generate a digital discount voucher to be presented within 30 days in one of the more than 2,000 stores already registered. In this way, the customer will be entitled to an immediate discount of 60% and will therefore pay the merchant only 40% of the entire amount.

How to apply

In both cases Ancma recommends that you always have your bank account details at hand, which must be registered when requesting a refund or digital voucher. Furthermore, the Association reminds that in the case of those who have already made the purchase, the date of insertion of the application and not the date of the receipt is valid.

Adults residing in the capitals of Region and Province, in the municipalities of metropolitan cities (even under 50 thousand inhabitants) and in municipalities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants.

Overall, for this mobility bonus the government has currently allocated 210 million euros but the Ministry of the Environment also plans to put new funds in the next budget law. To date, however, the doubt is that the requests may be many more than the covers, given that according to Confindustria Ancma data, over 540 thousand bicycles were sold only in the first month of the lockdown and it is estimated that more than 540,000 bicycles were sold. one million until the end of the year.

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