Xbox Series X will be difficult to find at least until April

Xbox Series X will be difficult to find at least until April
The launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S has been very profitable for Microsoft, which, thanks to an excellent quarter at the end of 2020, has seen the profits of its gaming division grow significantly. The first of the two, in particular, was very well received by players all over the world, which, exactly as for the direct competitor PlayStation 5, caused the usual, inevitable problems related to the supplies of the console (if nothing else, however. , the American consul was a little less affected by the touting phenomenon). Recently, in particular, Microsoft has made it known that users will have to expect "difficulties" in finding Series X at least until April.

Amy Hood, Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer, made it known during a meeting with investors held last night. It is very likely that the demand for the console will remain very high over the next few weeks, a demand which, for the aforementioned logistical reasons, cannot be met until at least March 31st. Anyone who was thinking of finding as if nothing was Series X or even Series S (it seems that problems also plague the latter) stacked on top of each other in the hypermarket near their home, will most likely have to wait until spring to have the (almost ) certainty of finding one.

The problems that are affecting Series X are not surprising: all of the next gen consoles have been virtually unobtainable for months, right from the weeks of launch, and every time for the same reasons. PS5 is suffering from the biggest problems, especially in Europe and the United States, where the phenomenon of online resale at inflated prices is particularly evident. When new stock is made available, it is generally pulverized within seconds, or at most within a few minutes.

Despite the stock problems related to the consoles, the one just ended was an exceptional year for Microsoft, which, for the first time, returned to see its profits grow also thanks to the Xbox division, which it probably hadn't happened for nearly ten years. Game Pass subscribers have reached and exceeded 18 million, and continue to increase: in the last three months there has been an average growth of one million subscribers every 30 days. Active users on Xbox Live every month, on the other hand, are more than 100 million.

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