iRobot: up to € 500 discount on top of the range models

iRobot: up to € 500 discount on top of the range models
If you were thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner and in view of the Christmas holidays you want to treat yourself to a top of the range model, relying on iRobot solutions is the best choice and this could be the right time to take home a device of one of the most popular brands of the market, capable of vacuuming and washing, at a reasonable price. In fact, until December 15, the official store offers discounts of up to € 500 on some of the best models produced so far.

Don't be fooled by the image above, since the discounts go up to € 500, which means brings back to the fantastic Black Friday bargains, when you could buy the best iRobot models at bargain prices, prices that, although not identical to those of a few weeks ago, come very close, making this an excellent opportunity for those who want to equip themselves with one of the best robot vacuum cleaners available on the market.

Among the models that enjoy the greatest discount, there is the Roomba i7 + bundle combined with the Braava Jet M6, a kit that will take care of your home and keep it always in perfect condition thanks to the presence of a floor cleaning robot, in addition to the main device that takes care of removing crumbs and dust. Equipped with the most advanced technologies, both devices map the surface of the house and communicate intelligently with each other, as well as with any other smart devices in the house, even ensuring the removal of grease from the kitchen without any effort, thanks to the dedicated scrubber. which is undoubtedly better than all-in-one solutions that allow both vacuuming and washing.

In addition, the Roomba i7 + bundle combined with the Braava Jet M6 boasts a third device that allows you to automatically empty the dust container of the main robot, making you even forget to empty the container since the robot, when the time comes , automatically connects to the base and expels all the dirt collected, making it arrive inside the latter.

Definitely top of the range products which in this case translate into almost € 2,000, but the discount of 500 € will allow you to get them for € 1,399.00. If the amount exceeds your budget, you will be happy to know that the iRobot store offers interesting discounts even on less advanced models but equally valid and able to satisfy everyone's needs. In this regard, we suggest you visit the dedicated page and subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where you will be constantly updated on the latest offers relating to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. If you are looking for discount coupons to use for your purchases, take a look at our special Discount Codes page.

Our product selection

Roomba i7 + bundle paired with Braava Jet M6 | 1.399,00 € (1.899,00 €) Roomba i7 + (i7558) - Clean Base, AeroForce | 799,00 € (1,199,00 €) Roomba s9 + (S9558) - PerfectEdge | 1.299,00 € (1.499,00 €) Roomba s9 (158) - PerfectEdge | 999,00 € (1,199,00 €) Roomba i7158 - Imprint Technology | 599,00 € (899,00 €) Braava Jet M6 (m6138) - Precision Jet Spray | 599,00 € (699,00 €) Bundle Roomba i7 & Braava Jet M6 | 1.199,00 € (1.599,00 €)

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