Retrogaming: what to give to fans?

Retrogaming: what to give to fans?
Now it is useless to deny it, the 80s are back, and with them retrogaming.

From Stranger Things to Ready Player One, from fashion to home appliance design we are increasingly surrounded by references to the past, for example a nostalgia that now permeates every aspect of the market. If you have friends, relatives or partners who are passionate about retrogaming, and you have no idea what to give them for Christmas, don't worry, it's your lucky year! From game systems to household items, there are tons of options for you! So let's find out together what are the best gifts to give to retrogaming fans.

Retrogaming: what to give to fans?

A home made to measure for gamers Gaming to wear Back to play

A player-friendly house

It is often said that the house is the mirror of the soul. Many studies show that a well-kept home helps psycho-physical well-being. A home is not just brick, it is a place to feel happy and safe. Often, however, to feel comfortable in a house, it is not enough that it is well furnished, but it is essential that it reflects the character and passions of those who live there. What better gift, then, than a retrogaming-style home accessory? From the sheets for the bed with Pac-Man to the cushions for the retrogaming themed sofa, passing through themed lamps and mugs, these gifts will make the home of your loved ones a real home.

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Gaming to wear

Never before have fashions, trends and objects from the past come back into fashion. Thanks to the web, which has given new visibility to the trends of the past, thus making Vintage a real cultural revolution. Those who are passionate about retrogaming, therefore, will love the new themed accessories and clothes that pay homage to their passions and show them off as real medals of valor. In this regard, the market offers the most varied options: from Game Boy-shaped backpacks to witty T-shirts, from watches with particular shapes to wallets that pay homage to the old Atari consoles. You are spoiled for choice.

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Back to play

Thanks to this vintage trend, retrogaming enthusiasts can return to playing the video games that made them have fun and dream. The retro consoles, a trend born thanks to an experiment by Nintendo, with the creation of the NES Mini Classic, later became a must have for fans. Companies, to date, have taken back their old hardware, reshaping them, improving their software and creating new game systems both compatible with modern televisions and PCs, and creating portable consoles with games included directly in on-board memory. These new devices cannot be missing from the collection of a retrogaming enthusiast, and they will be a Christmas gift that will surely make you look good.

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