PlayStation Store, offers of 22 November 2020

PlayStation Store, offers of 22 November 2020
PlayStation Store welcomes Black Friday offers, with discounts of up to 70% on a wide selection of games for PS5 and PS4, but not only: subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are also in promotion!

Until December 1st we will be able to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription for 12 months at the price of 44.99 euros instead of 59.99, and thus take advantage not only of the free titles available every month but also of the rich PlayStation Plus Collection, with well twenty PS4 games backward compatible with PlayStation 5.

As mentioned, however, the PlayStation Now subscription is also part of the offers: the 12-month subscription is available at 44.99 euros instead of 59.99, while the one from 3 months is available for 19.99 euros instead of 24.99. In both cases it is a great opportunity to try this service as well, which mixes streaming and traditional digital in an increasingly convincing way.

Watch Dogs: Legion

One of the protagonists of the Black Friday on PlayStation Store is undoubtedly Watch Dogs: Legion, at the first promotion ever: you can buy the game for 45.49 euros instead of 69.99, thus saving 35% compared to the official launch price. What to say? A reduction so early certainly does not bode in favor of the Ubisoft title, which however can count on undoubtedly original and interesting features.

Set in a post-brexit London that is controlled with an iron fist by the Blume Corporation through a real army of agents and the ctOS spy software, the game puts us in command of a group of people rather than a single individual. Our goal will in fact be to build a form of active resistance in DedSec and challenge those responsible for the current situation by making their misdeeds public.

The ambitious idea behind Watch Dogs: Legion lies in the fact that we can enlist any character we meet on the streets of the city. Each NPC has different characteristics and abilities that can be more or less useful depending on the mission we have to carry out, but watch out for permanent death: if he is killed he will not be able to come back to life and we will therefore have to fall back on another member of the team.

Solid and convincing, without overdoing it, the gameplay of the game is supported on PS5 by sumptuous graphics, enhanced by the use of ray tracing, which gives the glimpses of the English capital an extraordinary charm and an incredible realism at times. At a time when travel is off-limits, Watch Dogs: Legion allows us to make a virtual one.

Ghost of Tsushima

Lowest price ever for Ghost of Tsushima, 49 , 69 euros instead of 69.99: even here a boost not to laugh for those who had not yet made their own action adventure signed Sucker Punch. Set during the first Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island, which took place in 1274, the title puts us in the shoes of Jin Sakai, a samurai who is defeated by the invaders and then returns as a Ghost to take revenge on his enemies.

Featuring an extremely fascinating and evocative open world scenario, as well as an engaging story, the PS4 exclusive (which also works on PS5 in improved backward compatibility, reaching 60 fps) introduces some interesting ideas on the front of the gameplay and the structure, including a combat system that focuses on realism to increase the challenge and depth of the clashes.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

In its second-ever promotion, Final Fantasy VII Remake can be yours for 46.19 euros instead of 69.99, and even in this case the reasons for making a late purchase are all there. The remake of Square Enix's historic jRPG is indeed extraordinary from a technical and artistic point of view, reinterpreting the original style and enriching the experience with many new details and contents.

A great example is the redesigned combat system to lend itself to our needs by modifying the approach to clashes and returning deep strategic mechanics; but there are many others, pigeonholed within a production of great value, especially as regards the narrative sector.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Also Crash Bandicoot 4 : It's About Time is available on PlayStation Store at the lowest price ever thanks to the Black Friday offers: 45.49 euros instead of 69.99. Great news for those who were waiting for a discount before embarking on the new, fun adventure of the peramele created by Naughty Dog, which returns after a long time with an unreleased chapter.

Strengthened by the extraordinary success of the N. Sane Trilogy , the funny character finds himself grappling with a threat that involves space and time, and together with his friends he must do everything possible to prevent the world from falling into chaos. Using the powers of magical masks and exploring very different scenarios, Crash will have to save the day once again.

The Last of Us 2

We've already said "lower price ever"? The promotion on The Last of Us 2, available at € 38.89 instead of 69.99, is literally unmissable for those who loved the first episode of the Naughty Dog series and in general for anyone who wants to get involved in a strong, ruthless but also wonderful in a technical and artistic key.

A few years after the events of the original The Last of Us, Ellie and Joel seem to have found some tranquility but it doesn't last long: a dramatic event pushes the girl starting on a mission of pure and simple revenge, which he will carry out at any cost. We have the task of accompanying you on this dark and disturbing path, but it will certainly be worth it.

Marvel's Avengers

We have often talked about how Marvel's Avengers needs a relaunch that steps from grafting new content and a price cut in order to attract other users. Well, it seems that Square Enix has satisfied us: the free DLC dedicated to Kate Bishop will arrive shortly, and the game is on offer on PlayStation Store for € 34.99 instead of 69.99.

If it is true that the cooperative missions of the War Zone still appear chaotic and structurally repetitive today, it is also true that the single player campaign of Marvel's Avengers knows how to offer highly spectacular sequences and a story that fans of the heroes of the House of Ideas will be able to appreciate, full of moments intense and exciting.

DOOM Eternal

The new episode of id Software's extraordinary shooter series is available for 23.09 euros instead of 69.99. In case you're wondering, yes, it's the lowest price ever for DOOM Eternal, which picks up exactly where we left off at the end of the 2016 episode to engage us in a challenging new battle against the troops of hell. br>
Wearing the heavy armor of the DOOM Slayer, we will have to return to planet Earth, the last stop on the tour of destruction organized by the demons that we have never stopped fighting. Our goal will of course be to end the conflict with all the violence we are capable of and with an enhanced arsenal of weapons, which includes some interesting news.

Control Ultimate Edition

So much criticized at launch as the only edition of the Remedy title to include the free upgrade on PS5, in 2021, the Ultimate Edition of Control makes its debut in the Black Friday offers on the PlayStation Store with a price halved, 19.99 euros instead of 39 , 99. It is clear that, in the face of so much convenience, even questions of principle are wavering.

There is no doubt about the quality of the package: the story of Jesse Faden, who suddenly became the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, engages and fascinates from the very beginning thanks to its peculiar narration, while the gameplay based on modular weapons and telekinetic powers offers great fun. Also included in the price are the two expansions, The Foundation and AWE.

Other games on offer

The list of titles in promotion for Black Friday on PlayStation Store is not only full-bodied, but also full of high quality products, recently published and therefore all the more worthy of purchase at a discounted price. The examples we have given so far are therefore only a small part of the business that it would be a real shame to miss. Here are some more quickly.

Persona 5 Royal (29.99 euros instead of 59.99) is the extended and enriched edition of the extraordinary RPG produced by Atlus, which in this version includes not only Italian subtitles but also new characters, new missions and new endings for the splendid single player campaign. Equipped with an incredible artistic sector, the game needs very few introductions.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (34.99 euros instead of 69.99) is the latest, ambitious tie-in signed by CyberConnect2: a fun action RPG that traces the entire Dragon Ball Z saga, always remaining faithful to the original work of Akira Toriyama but taking advantage of the open world structure to delve into certain elements as we move from one fight to another.

Star Wars: Squadrons (24.79 euros instead of 39.99) catapult us back into the epic Star Wars saga, putting us in the shoes of an expert pilot in the service of the New Republic or the Empire. We will have different perspectives, both in the single player campaign and in the rich multiplayer sector of the game.

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