The smartphone games that have earned the most in 2020

The smartphone games that have earned the most in 2020

Two titles produced by the Chinese Tencent in the first places, follow the timeless Pokémon

(Photo: Pubg) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, better known as Pubg, is the most fruitful mobile game of 2020 preceding another title produced by the Chinese giant Tencent or Honor of Kings. The revived Pokémon Go conquers the third place at a safe distance, proving to be still much loved.

These are the updated data as of December 14 that emerge from the ranking drawn up by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence about the video games they have generated more revenue from Android and iOs mobile platforms in the past twelve months. Honor to Tencent, the agglomeration behind the Chinese handyman app WeChat, which puts two of its pearls in the first two places just like the first-person shooter with a very playful battle royale mode Pubg Mobile - with the numbers of its counterpart at home called Game For Peace - and the Honor of Kings online multiplayer battle arena.

(Photo: Sensortower) The combined revenues from Apple's App Store and Google Play are equal to 2.6 and 2.5 billion dollars respectively at around 2.13 and 2.05 billion euros at the exchange rate. Pubg grew by 64.3% compared to 2019, while Honor of Kings by 42.8%. Numbers and growth still remarkable for a game that has now been released for four years, but which has been able to constantly update itself and adapt to lockdowns: Pokemon Go by Niantic is third with 1.2 billion dollars or 980 million euros with + 31.5% from 2019.

The fourth position is occupied by a rapidly growing stock such as Moon Active's Coin Master which has climbed up to 1.1 billion dollars or 900 million euros, doubling the data of 2019 and Roblox of Roblox Corporation with slightly lower figures.

Pubg's global success was certainly helped by the quarrel between Fortnite and Apple (and Google), but it is not a surprise: already in the summer there was talk of billionaire numbers above all thanks to the forced stay in the home of many people due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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