SPID and CIE: from today you can enter all the sites of the PA

SPID and CIE: from today you can enter all the sites of the PA


All free: from today all the sites of the Public Administration have a login mechanism based jointly on SPID and CIE. A day of high value symbols, in short, since starting from today only one instrument is sufficient to access the entire state machine. A small big step, in short, that more than 17 million Italians will be able to take (data updated to 23 February): this is, in fact, the number of SPID users already activated, to which the 19 million CIEs enabled for the same must be added. identification system.

Authentication via CIE has spread considerably: over 5.5 million accesses to online services occurred in 2020, another 1.8 million were detected in January 2021. With the CIE in fact you can carry out some operations such as authenticating on IOapp, (the app for public, local and national services) directly from your smartphone as it already happens in 42% of cases.

SPID and CIE to enter in the PA

There were 5 million active users at the beginning of 2020, there were now over 15 million at the end of the year: in the first two years of 2021, another 2 million citizens have already been added and the trend continues to grow. This was a fundamental result, closely linked to the pandemic and to the management of the services used to meet the citizens (Holiday Bonus and Cashback in the first place), since only with such a broad base would it have been possible to invest in this change of gear on the sites of the PA in their complexity.

From now on, to access any site of the Public Administration a name, a password and an OTP system will be enough in the case of SPID: an account for everyone, a single identity in front of the State, to obtain in exchange ever more numerous and efficient services. This is where we start: if the digital transformation path really has to mark a change of pace, then this piece had to go in its place: it was announced with the end of the Conte government and now the Minister for the Public is in his hands. Administration, Renato Brunetta, in these first weeks of the Draghi Government.

For example, the Revenue Agency communicated in recent weeks:

The Simplification and Digital Innovation Decree (DL n. 76/2020 ), established that citizens' access to Public Administration services must take place through the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) and the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), in addition to the CNS. So for those who already use SPID, CIE or CNS to access the electronic revenue services, absolutely nothing changes. Citizens, on the other hand, who use the Fisconline credentials, provided by the Agency, will be able to continue using them until the natural expiry date (and in any case no later than 30 September 2021), after which it will be necessary to be in possession of one of the three tools mentioned.

Professionals and businesses will be able to request Entratel, Fisconline or Sister credentials, issued by the Agency even after 1 March and up to the date that will be established with a specific implementing decree, as required by the Digital Administration Code.

We tested it in the morning. Not all logins have been successful, to tell the truth, but it is legitimate to grant a few more hours of adjustment to those services that have only recently implemented the new identification system. After all, the path will still be long, but the first step is what starts it all: today, 1 March, begins a path that Italy has aspired to undertake for too long and on which it will now be necessary to run.

App IO reaches 10 million downloads: the reasons for success

L ‘IO application has exceeded the quota 10 million downloads. In fact, today’s update marks the altitude. 10,011,642, 65% on the Android platform and 35% on iOS devices. The application developed and managed by PaymentPA therefore, it exceeds a very important goal and certainly impossible to imagine just a year ago. In 2020, however, the application itself has become a very useful tool to bring citizens closer to a digital dimension, becoming the exclusive vehicle for services closely linked to the period of the pandemic.

App IO: this is how it reached 10 million downloads

The IO app’s race to 10 million downloads began in June with the announcement of Holiday Bonuses, which would be obtained exclusively through IO and through SPID. Then demand waned until it returned to a low in November, only to rise again in December with the arrival of the rebate. In that phase, the Italians put the servers to the test with a barrage of downloads and registrations in rapid sequence, literally causing the stats to spike for a couple of weeks. Then the curve rose again significantly in early February, probably after the launch of the receipt lottery.

Therefore, the path is marked by precise and significant stages:

The increase is not only formal: as of December, in fact, the number of daily logins with SPID and CIE has gone from a few thousand per day to an average of 250 thousand precisely due to the effective use of the services provided.

IO application numbers

In total, along this path, the IO app registered with these first 10 million citizens:

  • 1,885,802 paid vacation bonuses (760,953 already used)
  • 7,569,994 cashback subscribers
  • 220,581,677 transactions processed in 13,440,169 activated payment instruments
  • Continuing at this rate, in a few days there will be a new symbolic overtaking, that is, the surpassing of those 10.3 million downloads registered by the Immuni application. There is no connection between the two, they have different functions, but somehow they represented the Yin and Yang of the digital response to the pandemic. At the end of this year, Immuni substantially exits the game despite its great potential, while the IO application comes out strongly strengthened, although the potential was already in place long before the pandemic.

    The shuffling of cards has given IO a special boost, which should now be followed by a greater multiplication of services and the increase in participating public administrations: Lottery and Cashback will be able to retain users for a few months, but in the meantime the country you will have to show that you know how to make a difference by loading this utility tool so that 10 million is not an empty end point, but a rich starting point.

    How to download the IO app

    The IO application can be used on both Android and iOS and is completely free:

    Access to the application can be done through the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or the Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

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