The Mecca of Japanese retrogame opens online

The Mecca of Japanese retrogame opens online

If you are a fan of retro games and have had the opportunity to travel to Japan, you will surely know Super Potato. It is a chain of video games dedicated to platforms such as Super Famicom, Famicom, SEGA Mega Drive, PlayStation and Game Boy with about 8 points of sale scattered throughout the territory of the Rising Sun. Until now, the only way to get hold of something, from loose titles (i.e. without box or instructions) to immaculate consoles was to go in person or, in case of atypical fortunes, have an acquaintance with a person who lived near the shops that could act as an intermediary. Fortunately, things have changed today.

retrogame Super Potato has in fact decided to open up to the modern world. How? Starting to sell retro games online. It is a unique choice in the history of the chain, especially considering the place where it started its business, namely eBay: most of the Japanese gamers (and shops) that deal with video games of the past eras sell on Yahoo Action JP, home of 'auctions belonging to the Internet giant of the same name: the language barrier is in fact an incredible obstacle for the rest of the world, which however can now consider the idea of ​​taking home a piece of history simply by visiting the most famous bay on the net.

A couple of warnings in case you decide to buy some retro games from the store. Of course, Super Potato mostly sells Japanese versions of the titles. Excellent for collecting, less for playing: on more modern consoles such as PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2, the console of the country of origin or a mod (hardware software) is in fact required. Different speech, however, in case we were talking about Nintendo consoles like NES and SNES, since in that case a small adapter is needed that can be found online at very low prices.

Surely the opening of Super Potato is excellent news for all retrogame lovers, also considering the great one-off pieces that can be found in the store. Among which we mention a beautiful Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation 1, signed directly by Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa (who among other things could be very close to Xbox for their next title). Difficult to find anything else, right?

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