Donald Trump's new "social network" is already offline

Donald Trump's new social network is already offline

The platform that the former American president had created after being banned from the main social networks did not last long: more than a social network, in any case, it resembled an old blog

(screenshot of web page) The social network that former US president Donald J. Trump had created after being expelled from Facebook and Twitter did not last long. From the desk of Donald J. Trump is in fact already offline and will not come back online, as Trump's collaborator Jason Miller confirmed yesterday.

The site "was only auxiliary to the larger projects we have and on which we're working, ”said Miller, who didn't specify what these consist of but by answering a question on Twitter hinted that Trump will move to a new platform. From the desk of Donald J. Trump had been presented as a new social network, but in reality it was more like an old blog in which the only user was Trump and was used for communications and propaganda. The site was launched in early May and lasted less than a month.

Facebook and Twitter banned Trump from posting on their platforms following the violent invasion of the Capitol on January 6 by supporters of the then president. The accusation was that of having repeatedly and falsely claimed on his profiles that the elections of November 3, 2020 had been stolen from him, thus inciting his loyalists to take the path of violence. By the time of his expulsion in January, Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter and more than 30 million on Facebook.

Trump's blog was a preemptive response to the ruling by Facebook's Oversight Board regarding the social network's ban on the former president. The board that deals with the surveillance of the platform approved a few weeks ago the exclusion of the tycoon until a later date, but sent the final decision to Facebook. However, Trump's experiment with the new blog was almost immediately weak enough.

Devindra Hardawar, senior editor of the Yahoo news portal, commenting on the news of the premature closure of the Trump platform wrote that if he and its allies are thinking of other communication tools “there are always podcasts and TikTok, after all”.

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