Nintendo not interested in sexual and gender diversity? The president replies

Nintendo not interested in sexual and gender diversity? The president replies

Nintendo also wanted to address a complex topic such as sexual and gender diversity during the recent meeting with shareholders, with a reference to the topic made by the president of the company himself, Shuntaro Furukawa.

Probably responding to criticism who want Nintendo historically unwilling to address such topics and understand them within their games, Shuntaro Furukawa wanted to specify that their company instead takes these topics into consideration. So let's see the official response of the Nintendo president to the criticisms of the company's position on the matter:

"We believe that diversity, including sexual and gender diversity, is very important. As an entertainment company , our goal is to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who has to do with our products, and we carry out our commitments with that goal in mind. As for the specific features of each game, we must make decisions taking into account a There is a wide variety of factors and we may not be able to fulfill every request. In any case, we take these considerations as very useful feedback. "

In essence, Furukawa reported that while the company officially takes diversity issues, including gender and sexuality, into consideration as topics of great value, this may not necessarily be reflected in the content of the games.

In the development of video games, Nintendo maintains a different approach for each type of project but must take into consideration a wide variety of elements, which perhaps hardly end up including the considerations that concern socially relevant but less inherent areas. the classic entertainment offered by the company.

Furukawa's answer seems to put his hands forward a little and get around the question, but at least he addressed the subject directly, considering it still important for Nintendo, at least on an ideal level.

Di recently, the company presented the new Nintendo Switch OLED, an alternative model of the console and equipped with a new screen.

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