The J-Pop Manga releases on December 1, 2021

The J-Pop Manga releases on December 1, 2021

The J-Pop Manga releases on December 1

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP Manga releases of December 1, 2021 have been announced. To report BJ Alex 2 and Gekiman! 1.

Let's find out all the details of the upcoming releases together!

The J-Pop Manga releases of December 1st 2021

Lore Olympus

by Rachel Smythe

25,00 €

Persephone, the young goddess of spring, is new to Olympus. Her mother, Demeter, raised her in the mortal realm, but after Persephone promises to train as a sacred virgin, she is allowed to live in the fascinating and rapidly changing world of the gods. When her roommate, Artemis, takes her to a party, her entire life changes: she ends up meeting Hades and immediately feels a spark igniting in her heart that burns for the fascinating but misunderstood ruler of the Underworld. Now Persephone must navigate the confused politics and relationships that govern Olympus, discovering her place and her power at the same time.

Buy Lore Olympus on Amazon.

Roar and other stories

By Junji Ito

€ 16.00

During a excursion in the woods, compass and telephone no longer seem to work and Masaki and Mimura lose their way. Lost, they run into an inexplicable flood, with desperate people swept away by the current. Yet it hasn't rained and, after the wave disappears, no trace of water remains. What is happening? And how will the two get out of this mystery? The absolute genius of horror manga, Junji Ito, returns with a new collection of thrilling short stories!

Buy Roar and other stories on Amazon.

NeuN 6

By Tsutomu Takahashi

€ 7.50

The inhabitants of the place they call it "the island of death", because no one has ever returned from there.

They say it's the fault of the mysterious powers of a terrifying boy known only as “number nine”…

Buy Neun 6 on Amazon.

Kasane 10 (of 14)

By Daruma Matsuura

6.90 €

Thanks to the power of lipstick and the beautiful face of the younger sister Nogiku , Kasane became the theater star she always wanted to be. Now that she is more famous than her mother than her, nothing about her seems to stand in her way ... until Habuta tells her about the sad fate of Izana and Sukeyo Fuchi. The past, finally revealed, is about to upset the present.

Buy Kasane 10 on Amazon.

Kemono Jihen 8

By Sho Aimoto

6.00 €

Looking for stones kemono scattered around Japan, Kabane and Shiki visit Yakkubi, in Shimane prefecture. But there is no trace of the inhabitants and the village is shrouded in silence. As they wonder about the strangeness of the situation, they are approached by a suspicious man, who claims to be a police headquarters investigator. Later, they run into a child, accompanied by an injured girl… Apparently, getting the stone won't be that easy this time

Buy Kemono Jihen 8 on Amazon.

Rent- a-girlfriend 6

By Reiji Miyajima

€ 5.90

At the request of Mizuhara, Kazuya goes out with SUmi, a hired girl who has difficulty communicating, in so that you can exercise. During the appointment, however, they are seen by Mami, who eventually learns about the rental site ... now our guys are faced with an insurmountable problem!

Buy Rent a girlfriend 6 on Amazon.

Zombie 100 - Vol. 5

By Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata

€ 5.90

Akira Tendo, busy every day ticking off his list of "100 things to do before becoming a zombie", returns to his parents' village to make sure of their fate. There he meets his former university friend, neet Kanta Higurashi, who is also struggling with a list of 100 points to complete with his friends. What moves the latter, however, is a desire for revenge against a company that has given him nothing ... Will Akira be able to prevent Higurashi from upsetting the small oasis of peace created by the inhabitants of the village?

Buy Zombie 100 5 on Amazon.

Gekiman! 1

of Go Nagai

11.90 €

Go Nagai, master of the thrill, retraces with this fictitious autobiography, through the life of Geki Nagai, the creation and the development of one of his most famous and bloody sagas: DEVILMAN. The setbacks of every day, the standoffs with the publishing houses, the sudden inspirations and the deliveries at an increasingly fast pace are part of the pieces that will make up the intricate mosaic of this work. Wriggling between the commitments for the homonymous television series, the other printed publications and the determination to draw what he has always wanted, will Geki be able to complete the publication of the manga that will mark a turning point in the Japanese horror imaginary?

Buy Gekiman! 1 on Amazon.

Bj Alex 2

by Minwha

€ 9.90

Lonely, shy and a little frustrated. Dong Gyun has only one big outlet in his life: every night at 10 pm he doesn't miss a live show of his favorite cam-boy, the BJ (broadcaster) Alex, a young man who loves to share with the network the image of his beautiful body (but not her face) and the spicy tales of her sexual experiences. Until, after a night of spree with friends, Dong Gyun meets a kind waiter with a familiar-looking body ... that he is BJ Alex and, if so, he will really be as his fans imagine him in private life ?

Buy Bj Alex 2 on Amazon.

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