The 15 best games on Xbox Game Pass

The 15 best games on Xbox Game Pass

It seems an exaggeration but making a selection of 15 best games to play immediately with an Xbox Game Pass subscription is not easy: there are so many titles in the catalog that it is difficult, at the moment, to leave out hundreds of them to recommend only. just over a dozen. With this article, however, we intend to provide information in progress, which will be modified and updated from month to month with the arrival of new games and based on the changes made to the catalog.

Thinking in terms of absolute quality is complicated, since the evaluations are always largely subjective, but in this case we try to put together some games that - as objectively as possible - are considered the best among the hundreds featured on Xbox Game Pass. We will also try to take into account some fairly recent innovations and we will try to range as much as possible between different experiences. See it also as a small guide on games to start from if you have recently subscribed to Microsoft's service for Xbox, PC and mobile systems.

No more chatter, here is the ranking of the best games on Xbox Game Pass to try, in our opinion:

Forza Horizon 5

A scene from Forza Horizon 5 Further refinement of a formula that always manages to reach very high levels, Forza Horizon 5 is definitely the best chapter of the series as well as probably the best arcade racing currently available on the market, not for nothing representing the game with the highest ratings of 2021, as also emerged from our review of Forza Horizon 5.

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