Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season, on track with the bad guys

Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season, on track with the bad guys

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Last September Hot Wheels Unleashed debuted on all major game systems: a real godsend for all those who have been waiting for years for a new video game dedicated to the famous Hot Wheels toy cars. If you've read our Hot Wheels Unleashed review, then you already know that the experience has convinced us (net of a few flaws). Now it's time for Milestone, the famous developer based in Milan, to enrich its product with the first seasonal event, DC Super-Villains Racing Season, already available for everyone.

We tried Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season and we are ready to tell you how it is.

The contents of the DLC

Here are Hot's toy cars Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season It was immediately clear that Hot Wheels Unleashed would make extensive use of additional content and DLC, both paid and unpaid. DC Super-Villains Racing Season, however, represents something more full-bodied and lasting for players and, of course, takes into account many similar operations that have already proved effective for many other games. On balance this is a seasonal event, therefore the offer of a season pass that in the coming months will guarantee an enormous amount of prizes to those who dedicate the right time to the Milestone title.

The price does not seem particularly high: with € 5.99 you can buy the entire package of DC Super-Villains Racing Season. This does not guarantee the immediate release of all the contents, which will be linked - as a good season pass - to the completion of a whole series of daily challenges, designed to work over the long term. From the point of view of the individual objects, there seems to be little to complain about: the package includes a series of vehicles, furnishings and objects for the profile of Hot Wheels Unleashed, all strictly themed villains of the DC Comics universe. Specifically, the six new vehicles are dedicated respectively to Bane, The Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, Harley Quinn and Deathstroke (the latter is unlocked immediately after purchasing the DC Super-Villains Racing Season).

The path along the completion of the pass will then allow you to also obtain many DC themed objects with which to customize the game tavern, or the room furnished by the player with tracks for the toy cars. Having three more walls, two floors, two doors, two decorations, two posters and a set of four different additional posters can be handy. If, on the other hand, you have never paid attention to your tavern, well, we can't even blame you too much: many have bought Hot Wheels Unleashed certainly not for the editor, but simply to get on the track at high speed.

Finally, DC Super-Villains Racing Season grants a new icon, tag and background for the player's profile (and here we are talking directly about fillers).

The challenges: incentive to return to play?

Notice any new accessories related to Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season? From the developers' point of view, the DC Super-Villains Racing Season should be a stimulus to get back to playing. The strategy can prove to be correct and functional, just a couple of months after its launch: it was certainly worth a try. We doubt, however, that it can guarantee huge accesses and revenues in the long term, given that on balance (rewards aside) the package offers the player a series of fairly monotonous challenges.

The first ones that appeared, for example, simply required you to play a certain number of games in an equally determined mode (the tavern), then to complete a race on any track, and finally to drift 8,500 cm in one session. We strongly doubt that the proposals will vary too much until February 2022, when the current season is expected to end. Each mission, depending on the difficulty, provides from 50 to 300 experience points, with which the season pass levels up. Sometimes you are also rewarded with gears and coins, respectively useful for upgrading the cars already in our possession and buying new ones through the surprise boxes.

All items unlocked in Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season can be used immediately in the various game modes It is also possible that later Milestone will review the progression system and the rewards of the individual levels of the pass : It wouldn't be the first time this has happened in titles based on an identical system. The important thing is to avoid that the subscriptions provide exaggeratedly better cars than those normally unlockable in the game version without additional content, but for the moment it does not seem that this is happening; in online games, this would be a very annoying problem.

It is still pleasant to see the attention given by the developers in the post-launch project of Hot Wheels Unleashed: in addition to the DC Super-Villains Racing Season, in fact, they are already many different DLCs available for purchase (linked to various franchises that have lent their names and characters to the world of toy cars), some of which also in free format. Continuing like this, the content should continue to grow and double by next September ... hoping that the same will happen to the overall quality of the title.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: DC Super-Villains Racing Season promises to add new ones contents, challenges and items from Milestone's acclaimed racing. The villains of DC Comics should be a name with a strong appeal, what we ask ourselves is if the variety of the proposed challenges and the items distributed can really keep the attention of the players high until next February.


The license is strong The additions are concerned DOUBTS Will it be enough to keep the attention high until February? Variety of challenges Amount of unlockable items Have you noticed any errors?

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