A Mass Effect TV series from Amazon Prime Video?

A Mass Effect TV series from Amazon Prime Video?

According to some rumors, Amazon Prime Video could, in a short time, propose to the general public a television adaptation of the Mass Effect franchise, the videogames series developed by BioWare that has redefined, in a modern way, the concept of space opera.

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A Mass Effect TV series from Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Studios is currently in talks with Electronic Arts (EA) to reach an agreement regarding the use of the Mass Effect brand for a TV series. At the moment, however, further details have not yet been disclosed in this regard, so we do not yet know if the plot will follow that of videogames or if it will be a parallel story.

For those who do not know, Mass Effect is a series of videogames, starring the tormented commander Shepard and the various crews of his ship, the legendary Normandy, grappling with numerous threats to the constituted order of the Galaxy.

The greatest of all the dangers lurking in the sated profound, is certainly that of the Reapers, immense and ancient sentient machines that once every "cycle" (a period of tens of thousands of years) feel compelled to return to the Milky Way to raid, in fact, all the civilizations present, absorbing them into a collective whole not very dissimilar from that of the Borg of the Star Trek saga.

Developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Game Studios, the original Mass Effect is a video game dating back to 2007, released on Xbox 360 and, only later, on other platforms as well. The first chapter was followed by Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and an unfortunate spin-off titled Mass Effect Andromeda. The series, which has achieved immense success, giving life to a huge community of fans, has recently been revived, in a revised and corrected version, with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Amazon Link).

If the deal is successful, the Mass Effect TV series would augment the current offering of exclusive licensed content, such as the recent The Wheel of Time, available on the Amazon streaming service. A TV series based on the adventures of Captain Shepard and the Normandy we are sure that it will be able to be a huge success, even if only thinking about the fan base created around the videogames of the series.

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