The Games Awards 2021: who will win the Game of the Year award?

The Games Awards 2021: who will win the Game of the Year award?

The Games Awards 2021

Here we are: The Game Awards are just around the corner. On the night between 9 and 10 December 2021, the event conceived by Geoff Keighley will decree the best games of the year and the predictions are chasing each other since the public dissemination of the nominations.

Each category is in its own way a possible, prestigious medal on the chest, but there is no doubt that it is that of "Game of the Year" that attracts general attention. In this section, the show has creepy names like God of War, The Last of Us Part II and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in its roll of honor, and we all can't wait to discover the game. who will put the crown on his head this year.

Precisely for this reason we have organized a rich marathon that will follow the whole show live (even live).

Take out your tuxedo from the closet, perfume your breath and get into the limousine: in this overview we will take stock of the six contenders who aspire to the prize of prizes.

And the winner is ... in the next few lines.


Deathloop is a concentrate of ideas and audacity Every morning, on Blackreef beach, when the sun rises, Colt wakes up. Our alter ego knows that he will have to overcome a flood of enemies and adversities or he will have to start all over again.

Ok, it seems more or less the story of the lion and the gazelle or at least the morning routine of the accountant Fantozzi intent on taking the bus, but we assure you that Fantozzi's Deathloop has absolutely nothing, indeed. The adventure signed by Arkane Studios that opens the sextet of names vying for the title of "Game of the Year" is truly exciting, thanks to the commendable courage that the developers have shown in wanting to take new paths in terms of ideas. An engaging story built with class, charismatic characters and a quantity of captivating ideas that half would have been enough: here they are in all their glory the ingredients of one of the most innovative first-person shooters of recent years.

After the triumph of Overwatch in the 2016 edition of the event, the FPS genre seems to be intent on re-winning the coveted statuette. Will it be the right time? Whatever happens, you will always be able to try again, and again, and again, and again, and again ...

It Takes Two

Without the right amount of collaboration in It Takes Two no we go far According to Stefano Accorsi in a famous commercial broadcast in the mid-nineties "Two gust is megl che uan", a motto of which, apparently, Josef Fares must also be a great supporter.

L ' In fact, an author of Lebanese origins has always had more than a penchant for cooperative adventures, a genre of which his Brothers are also proudly part: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. However, it is with It Takes Two that the videogame collaboration has reached levels of quality, whimsy and fun rarely touched before.

Abandon the fantasy atmospheres and the criminal tints of the projects that preceded it, the new madness of Hazelight Studios focuses on the vicissitudes of a couple on the verge of divorce. Are you imagining furious quarrels with attached throwing of crockery? Silences that underneath blame the partner's defects? None of this: in It Takes Two husband and wife are transformed by magic into two rag dolls and plasticine, who will have to remember how to give each other a hand in order to hug their beloved daughter again.

The countryside is designed to be played entirely in multiplayer, online or in split screen, and represents one of the coolest surprises of 2021. Will it be enough to defeat rivals and cover yourself in glory?

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread made us wait but the result is worth every single day of waiting. Oh yes, it took almost twenty years but it was worth it. No no, stop everyone, we're not talking about Diana Ross' new album - oh my, maybe a little bit yes - but the new 2D Metroid.

A coveted sequel to that Fusion released on GameBoy Advance in 2002 that we had seduced and left waiting for a conclusion, Metroid Dread is a solitary journey, refined and seasoned with an explosive ending, the right epilogue of a mythical series that saw the light a few eons ago on NES.

The skilled The hands of the MercurySteam guys have been able to sew an epic and exciting adventure around Samus Aran, which unfolds along a huge map, which can be explored step by step in perfect Metroid style. In this succulent Switch exclusive there is everything a fan of the saga could want, and even more: energy, adrenaline and intensity combined with some welcome additions, such as the ability to slide, perform uppercuts and overcome obstacles while running. Not to mention the fights, gritty and acrobatic, the real flagship of the production.

In addition to the premier category, Metroid Dread is also in the running for the one that will proclaim the Best Action / Adventure, and who knows what is you pull the trick of making a full booty.

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is pure madness in the service of fun Those who have hoarded up nominations in the relevant categories are the most recent birth of the kaleidoscopic mind of Tim Schafer: Psychonauts 2. The Double Fine work will in fact be a very uncomfortable customer even for all those titles willing to take home the award for best direction, best fiction, best artistic direction and the scepter of action / adventure of the year.

Since its publication it has immediately become evident that Psychonauts 2 has all the credentials to have its say in every area: the platform published by Microsoft is in fact visually inspired, compelling and accompanied by a varied gameplay like few others. The level design modeled around the vicissitudes of the new Giucas Casella, Raz, is of the highest quality, capable of reaching a pyrotechnic apex with the boss fights: original and stimulating, and able to push the player towards always different approaches.

Psychonauts 2 may not be able to beat the competition by force of thought alone, but we are sure it will give you miles of hard time.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a remarkable display of muscle by PS5. Coming to Earth on June 11, 2021, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart represented the first, true show of strength of Playstation 5.

In the total of the nominations for The Game Awards it will not reach the primacy of nine prerogatives of Deathloop, but the latest work of Insomniac Games is certainly one of the 90 loads of the event. The defects that afflict the most recent chapter of this historic brand are to be really sought with the divining rod, and yet they do not in any way dirty an experience that can prove to be majestic and satisfying.

The new odyssey of the very tough Lombax and its trusty robotic partner is an authentic fragmentation grenade of colors and visual effects, which spares nothing even in terms of content, offering a rich formula within everyone's reach. Qualities that have allowed Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to be enrolled by right in the club of the best games of the year which is about to end.

May the official consecration also arrive on December 9th? We declare the bets open.

Resident Evil Village

Twists in Resident Evil Village are of the highest narrative quality Seeing a legendary brand like Resident Evil in the little group vying for the throne, it seems a bit of the challenge between young recruits and an old fox like Jack Nicholson at the night of the Oscars.

With the eighth episode, the first direct sequel in the history of the franchise, Capcom throws us into the usual nightmare made of lack of resources and creatures as friendly as a nervous mother-in-law, immersing ourselves this time in a chilly Romanian village that replaces the swampy Louisiana of its predecessor. Resident Evil Village can count on a rhythm, a narration and a gameplay in great dust, capable of mixing so well as to give life to an experience that knows no empty turns. The excellent sound, moreover, stepped firmly on the accelerator of the anguish and sense of loneliness that pervades the entire adventure of poor Ethan Winters.

Favorite? Underdog? Resident Evil is always Resident Evil, and its presence among the candidates is enough to ignite a competition that promises to be hotter than ever.

The marathon

What will happen to it we will find out only in the night between 9 and 10 December, and you can do it by staying with us on the Twitch Multiplayerit channel since early afternoon. A rich live schedule with exceptional guests, who will help us retrace the year just ended and rattle off what hopes to nurture for the future. How do you say? Would you like to be with us in this important gala evening? Mmm, I don't know if it can be done ...

Okay, you convinced me! A small number of you will be able to attend this videogame gala live, directly in our studios in Milan. Tickets will be on sale from 4 pm on Monday, November 29, 2021: find all the details at this link.

In the meantime, tell us your predictions: you were the judges, what would be your game of the year? And which big pieces are missing instead?

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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