Battlefield 2042: the ultimate comparison between Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Battlefield 2042: the ultimate comparison between Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Battlefield 2042

Over the past few years, game comparisons between different platforms have become an important element in deciding which console to buy a game on. Of course, Battlefield 2042 is no exception, which today was subjected to a test between PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which highlighted the resolution and frame rate of all three versions proposed by Electronic Arts and DICE.

The video, published by the VG Tech YouTube channel, therefore allowed us to take stock and understand which platform Battlefield 2042 runs best on. Let's start with Xbox Series S: the Microsoft console uses a dynamic resolution, which starts from 2272 × 1278 up to a minimum of 1440 × 810, even if these are obviously very rare cases. PS5 and Xbox Series X, on the other hand, used a higher resolution, the maximum achievable. It starts from 3840 × 2160, with a minimum reaching 2560 × 1440. All three versions use some sort of checkerboard, at least according to the analysis of the team behind the channel.

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As for the frame rate, however, all three versions are nailed to 60 frames per second, unlike the one for Xbox Series X, which records drops in any case of short duration. Of course, during the gameplay there are some losses, but obviously nothing serious. In the video, which is available a little further down, we do not notice absolutely any kind of slowdown or freeze and it is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to stability. Ultimately, all three machines seem capable of running Battlefield 2042 without any kind of serious problem. Perhaps this is due to the checkerboard implemented by DICE.

Battlefield 2042 has been available for about a week now for everyone. The game has been severely attacked by many users, who have chosen to "punish" DICE and Electronic Arts with the now customary practice of review bombing. Despite the criticisms, however, the game is still one of the most played on Steam.

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Battlefield 2042 Black Friday Price and Deals Explained

Black Friday brings a number of discounts including one for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the latest title in the Battlefield series, it only launched recently and is already doing extremely well in terms of sales.

Despite being such a recent release, 2042 is already available to buy at a huge discount, we have Black Friday to thank for that. So far it seems that only one supplier has activated a discount but we expect more to follow.

Let’s take a look at the deals currently up for grabs for Battlefield 2042 which is playable on PC, Xbox and Playstation, including current-gen consoles.

Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Portal Trailer



Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Portal Trailer





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So far it looks like the only place willing to drop the price for Battlefield is Walmart, which isn’t much of a surprise, if anything it’s likely a great opportunity profit-wise.

As no other company is doing the same yet, Walmart will likely make a large number of sales with the discount not really impacting on finances at all.

If you’re wondering whether Battlefield 2042 is worth the buy then the best thing to do is simply watch some gameplay, ask any questions you might have via social media and forums and just read reviews.

Overall 2042 has been getting mixed reactions, with some ranting and raving over the newest release, meanwhile, others are regretting buying the title in the first place.

For those that are willing to dish out some cash at the risk of the game being less than expected, this Walmart discount is a great option. Although it’s still fairly pricey for some, a discount is a discount and that’s why we love Black Friday!

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