Tesla Model Y on fire while charging

Tesla Model Y on fire while charging

Yet another case of a Tesla that catches fire while charging: this time it is a Tesla Model Y, parked outside its owner's garage in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania. The car was charging outside the garage, and after catching fire the flames quickly moved first to the garage, and then to the house itself, but fortunately the timely intervention of the firefighters prevented any casualties and helped contain the damage to the house.

At the moment there is not much information on what happened, but it seems that the car was charging and that the flames developed from the rear of the car and then spread rapidly . Once again the recharging phase proves to be the most delicate and prone to creating problems; it is no coincidence that in 2019 the American NHTSA had already opened an investigation against Tesla and its battery charging management software. The investigation, however, ended without bringing any results, mainly because most of the accidents occurred outside the United States, and instead occur much more commonly in China: according to some, fires are more frequent on cars that are frequently recharged with Fast Charge systems and download just as quickly, but a real connection between these two aspects has never been found.

At the moment it seems that Tesla does not know where the problem arose: it could be a software problem or a physical defect of the battery pack, and if it were a physical defect you should try to understand the cause, because this time a Fast Charger is not involved as happened in the past, so one of the main suspects is to be discarded a priori.

Although the NHTSA has already confirmed that it does not intend to reopen the official investigation, it will continue to investigate the reason that led to these fires.

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