League of Legends, K / DA style Ahri cosplay from Shirogane-sama

League of Legends, K / DA style Ahri cosplay from Shirogane-sama

League of Legends

The K / DA version of Ahri continues to inspire Shirogane-sama cosplay, who has therefore tried her hand again with the Nine-Tails Fox of League of Legends. The result? Fantastic again this time.

The Russian model has also written that she is really passionate about Arcane (review here), the animated series available on Netflix that provides a different interpretation of some of the characters of the famous MOBA by Riot Games .

"I finished watching Arcane and it was truly a breathtaking series, I'm looking forward to next season," wrote Shirogane in her Instagram post. "I hope the time passes quickly, because it is hard to wait!"

If you are a fan of Shirogane-sama and her magnificent cosplay, check out her most recent interpretations: Vi from Arcane, Mona from Genshin Impact, Zelda from Breath of the Wild and Peach from Super Mario Bros.

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Top 5 League of Legends skins inspired by pop culture

Even if you’re not an anime fan, chances are you’ve come across the Magical Girl genre at some point in your life. Arguably the genre’s most famous star, Sailor Moon’s Usagi Tsukino, has become a pop culture icon across the globe. It’s a genre of glitter and bright colors - its bold themes make it perfect for a skin line in LoL.  League’s Star Guardians have their own alternate-universe storyline within the game, as a team of universe-protecting magic wielders captained by Lux and Ahri. The Star Guardians are all unique, but share the emblem of the four-pointed star to mark them out as a team, united against evil.  In an official developer blog on the lolnexus website, former senior skin designer Paul “Zeronis” Kwon cites Ahri’s dual-tone color scheme as a “nod to the advanced form of magical girls.” Star Guardian Lux’s dance animation also references the Magical Girl anime series DokiDoki! PreCure and her recall is a homage to the transformation sequences of Sailor Moon.

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