Wii hadn't made everyone agree at Nintendo

Wii hadn't made everyone agree at Nintendo

The Wii is one of the best-selling consoles ever. The public response to the Nintendo platform was extremely high, making it one of the most profitable machines for the Kyoto giant. Despite the widespread use, not everyone was happy with the hardware the platform was equipped with and Nintendo's choices even led to the resignation of an engineer from the Metroid Prime saga.

The engineer in question is Jack Matthes , who worked on the Metroid Prime series when the IP was in its prime. Matthews recently explained that he abandoned Nintendo because of the Wii and its technical specifications. “When the console came out I was really disappointed, at least on the technical side. I wanted to work on really cool things, but part of me knew that staying at Nintendo meant being somewhere between technological advancement and not, ”explained Matthews in a recent podcast.

Nintendo Wii wasn't the cause trigger of the abandonment, of course, but it was more than anything else the real motivational drive behind that decision. For Matthews, the technical problem was due to the creative figure, who obviously couldn't express himself too much considering the hardware he had to work on. “I no longer had the desire to work on the console after a long time. This is one of the reasons I quit, ”Matthews concluded. Behind his choice, in reality, there is also the classic fatigue, that is a well-defined fatigue in working in a certain field.

After a long career at Nintendo, Matthews has moved on to other fields. Throughout his career he has worked on ReCore and Batman Arkham Origins: Black Gate. It is not excluded that in the future he will not bea> able to return to work with the Kyoto giant, but knowing the philosophy of Nintendo behind hardware development, it is very likely that the engineer will remain on his line of thought.

Nintendo Switch is the latest console from the Japanese giant: you can buy it with a small discount HERE.

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