PlayStation Store: Death's Door and Farming Simulator 22

PlayStation Store: Death's Door and Farming Simulator 22

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store is the protagonist this week of a very light update, with little content but potentially of great interest for certain types of players. As in the case of Death's Door, the highly inspired action RPG developed by Acid Nerve, which catapults us into a fascinating and mysterious world but also full of pitfalls.

Then we move on to a decidedly more lively and colorful context with Farming Simulator 22, the new edition of the Giants Software simulation in which we will have to learn how to manage a real farm, choosing in this case between three different locations (USA, European Alps or southern France) and taking advantage of several new features .

Death's Door

Death's Door, the protagonist faces a big boss The setting of Death's Door (PS5 and PS4, € 19.99) is certainly original: the Doors of 'Hell, but maybe not as we imagine them. At the command of one of the reapers, a raven who is charged with collecting a very particular soul, different from the others, we will have to embark on a journey through the mysteries and pitfalls of a scenario that will not fail to reserve surprises for us.

Set up as an action RPG and featuring a solid and multifaceted combat system, the title developed by Acid Nerve offers us a varied repertoire of moves, ranging from crow's claws to melee weapons, from magic to arrows, with which we will have to defeat creatures gradually stronger and more dangerous to fulfill our commitment.

The degree of challenge will increase considerably over the ten hours required to complete the campaign, especially when the opponents become numerous and tend to tend to surround us, perhaps aided by adverse environmental conditions such as a slippery floor or traps that are activated when passing, capable of inflicting extra decisive damage on us unwanted.

The final result is perhaps not a very courageous experience, in the sense that it never leaves a well-defined path but performs its task with competence, is able to field exciting combat sequences and offers a good variety in terms of locations, although the action itself can become repetitive in some cases. We talked about it in the Death's Door review.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22, some of the machines available in the game It has become over the years a real cult phenomenon, born as often happens on PC and then also landed on consoles, the simulation series of Giants Software is renewed on the occasion of the launch of Farming Simulator 22 (PS5 and PS4, € 49.99), which as usual introduces several new features compared to previous editions, offering us an even more complete package.

The formula, in any case, is always the same: in the shoes of a modern farmer, we will have to learn to manage all the aspects and peculiarities of a farm that we will be able to over time grow, expanding territories, buying new machinery and unlocking new features to have fun alone or with friends, thanks to the cross-platform multiplayer mode.

Farming Simulator 22, one of the new scen ari We will have several options at our disposal, including territorial ones: we can choose to locate the farm in the United States, in the European Alps or in the south of France, thus establishing different criteria for its development. The numbers of experience will support us in a big way, with over four hundred machines coming from one hundred really existing brands.

That's not all: among the new features of the game there are the shredding and the removal of stones in the field of tillage, a character creation editor and a number of improvements to the build mode, with the possibility of making greenhouses and beehives as well. All the details in our review of Farming Simulator 22.

Promotion of the Week

MLB The Show 21, a lineup This week we find the latest MLB The Show 21 on promotion. edition of the famous baseball simulation produced by Sony, which has caused much discussion due to the landing on Xbox Game Pass. Well, until November 30 it will be possible to buy the PS5 version of the game for € 29.99 instead of 49.99, or the PS4 version for € 19.99 instead of 39.99.

A great opportunity to buy contact with the series, which once again offers a rich and immersive career mode, support for the functionality of the DualSense controller and three-dimensional audio on PlayStation 5, several gameplay improvements and an interesting editor for the stadiums. We talked about this and more in the MLB The Show 21 review.

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