Counter-Strike meets Squid Game in this absurd mod

Counter-Strike meets Squid Game in this absurd mod

After the Roblox clones, now also comes the mod on Counter Strike. We're obviously talking about Squid Game, one of Netflix's event series, which has produced a series of video games inspired by deadly games, all obviously unlicensed. And among the creations of users with tools halfway between gaming and real engines for creating video games, obviously the mod that uses Valve's tactical shooter could not be missing.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod is perhaps the most Squid Game inspired work ever. Unlike other similar experiments, in fact, the mod entirely recreates all the games of the TV series: it goes from the classic Red Light, Green Light up to the game of marbles, absent in almost all the fan games created. Obviously, there is also the iconic night fight scene, unleashed by the Frontman himself to reduce the number of participants even more. The final game, namely the squid game, is missing, probably both for technical and cultural reasons: the game is in fact popular only in South Korea and not in the West.

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Squid Game in Counter-Strike was not made by a single user, however. The list of authors is indeed very long and includes several modders, who have dealt with different aspects of the game, from the creation of the locations (which also include the famous scales) to the models of the players and the work of researching the most correct sounds to be use.

CS: GO Squid Game, released in workshop NOW!

Few month of work, all FULLY working gamemodes from original show!

Check it out here: https : //

- Gabe Follower (@gabefollower) November 26, 2021

The mod that turns Counter-Strike into Squid Game is available for download at this address. The mod is completely free and also includes instructions for the host to start the game. And now we just have to wait and find out what will be the next video game that Netflix's cult series will be able to invade.

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