Squid Game: is yet another Battle Royale coming?

Squid Game: is yet another Battle Royale coming?

Squid Game

Squid Game is the latest phenomenon on the Internet. The TV series produced in South Korea immediately became a cult, both for the excellent characterization of the characters, and for the concept and the extravagant as well as disturbing setting. Now this success, according to insder Tom Henderson, is about to turn into a video game as well, although it is not yet clear how this could happen.

Henderson's statement is, however, decidedly ambiguous. In fact, in the tweet the insider does not directly mention an adaptation of Squid Game in a video game, but more of the format seen. In very simple words: at the moment it will be difficult to see a video game taken from the TV series. Easier, however, a sort of Battle Royale with more gory elements borrowed from the series. Of course, we should also consider the issue of rights but clearly the situation is obviously in progress but there are already examples of success in the field.

Although there is no official adaptation, in fact, some games have already recently taken place. facing each other or have fully recalled the style of Squid Game. One example is Fall Guys, a kind of mixed platform battle royale. The other, on the other hand, is a one-to-one transposition of the game on Roblox, the billionaire platform that allows everyone to create their own scenarios. Several were born and now even the platform is invaded by some clones, some more realistic, others instead that focus on specific points of the TV series.

Apparently a "SQUID GAME" type of game is in development already .

I'm not sure on the developer just yet though.

The future of BR is coming 😂

- Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) October 10, 2021

The success of Squid Game could lead to a number of new iterations of the franchise. The field of video games is the least likely, while instead it is decidedly more obvious that the series can turn into books, features and other media closer to its current nature. We just have to wait for any official announcements on the part of Netflix to see if it will really be possible to replicate the cruelty of the latest television success.

The most sober Squid Game-themed gadget is definitely the notebook: it found on Amazon.

‘Squid Game’ Costumes Are About To Take Over Halloween, How To Find Yours

Squid Game

Netflix, Amazon

Squid Game debuted at precisely the right moment to be A) an unavoidable cultural force and B) a relatively simple yet recognizable Halloween costume, with the holiday just a few weeks away.

I guarantee you are going to see a whole bunch of Squid Game costumes soon, and I figured I might as well help you out and save you some searching if you were going to try to assemble one yourself for Halloween. Or cosplay. Or just general home office wear.


Squid Game


Give how easy these tracksuits are to reproduce, your options for the green outfits are somewhat limitless. Some have numbers others, don’t. But here’s a list of links you can check out for some possible options:

Take your pick. Past that, all you need is some white shoes. Any pure whites will do, but if you want to go all the way, you’ll want these white slip-on Vans which have surged in popularity since the show came out.

Squid Game



Squid Game


Want to be a shape-wearing Squid Game guard instead? That’s a different level of costume. I am skeptical of ones that only show Squid Game screenshots rather than an actual product, so here’s what I came up with.

Here’s an airsoft MP5 you can add if you want to go armed (just uh, probably don’t take that to bars).

Front Man

Squid Game


For the Front Man, you really just need the iconic mask and nothing else but a black hoodie and outfit. So a few options for that.

Buuut if you want to go further, and trade the hoodie for his actual coat, you’ll have to keep going.


Squid Game

Squid Game

Don your best suit and shell out for a golden animal mask if you want to go as a VIP instead. Right now I can only find one of the animals. If you’re an artist, there’s a demand to fill for these!

You may not be unique, but you will have one of the better Squid Game costumes if you get the better options on this page. Order now, as we’re getting close to the holiday and who knows how long shipping might take on some of these, given the demand.

Happy hunting. Or being hunted, I suppose.

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