Halo Infinite, all the news of the single player campaign

Halo Infinite, all the news of the single player campaign

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has finally been shown with the single player campaign, the core of the experience that we will find in stores (and on Xbox Game Pass) starting next December 8th. A content of great relevance for this new chapter of the series; also and above all from a narrative point of view, given the unresolved issues that inevitably require development.

"From the beginning, Halo told the exploits of Master Chief and Cortana, allies in defense of humanity . But it is now a distant memory, "says the voice of Jen Taylor in the trailer. "Men struggle to survive. The Banished have risen, defeating our heroes and taking control of the mysterious Zeta Halo. We need a savior, a hope. We need Spartan-117, Master Chief."

The trailer

As if it were a sort of second part of the E3 2019 Halo Infinite trailer, which showed the awakening of Master Chief by the still anonymous Echo-216 pilot , the new video opens with the protagonist literally launching himself on the battlefield. "We have a new mission, soldier," says Chief. "What's it all about? What's over there?" "Weapon." "A weapon? How many guns do you still need?"

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Below is a rundown of the scenarios that highlights significant technical differences compared to the much-criticized sequence of last year, the one that due to the controversy had determined the postponement of Halo Infinite to 2021. The narrator returns, inviting us to take on the role of Master Chief as part of the largest campaign ever made for the series, in which we will be able to enjoy an absolute degree of freedom thanks to the unprecedented open world structure.


Halo Infinite, The Weapon is the artificial intelligence that replaces Cortana The sequences give value to words as they are spoken, showing Chief fighting openly against a group of enemies , underlining the solidity of a decidedly tested gunplay, and uses the new grappling hook to instantly reduce distances. Then we see the character driving a couple of vehicles, in this case a Banshee spacecraft and a Warthog, with which to quickly cross the scenario.

The Weapon, the weapon, is actually the code name of a artificial intelligence that we will have the task of recovering in the early stages of the campaign: a virtual assistant with the appearance of Cortana, but inevitably different. After all, the central theme of Halo 5: Guardians (here the review) was precisely to understand what happened to the old adventure companion of Chief. "I was created to imprison Cortana, but I don't know why," says The Weapon. "What did he do so wrong?"

Vehicles and setting

Halo Infinite, a glance at the Master Chief setting is faced with a terminal that allows him to order any vehicle among those available, in a very similar way to what was recently seen in Far Cry 6. The choice falls on the Wasp, which is delivered after a few seconds (albeit somewhat abruptly) by the Echo-216 pilot. As the Spartan climbs aboard and flies to its next target, the narrator explains that the answer to questions about Cortana lies somewhere on Zeta Halo.

This is the name of the Halo Infinite setting. : "a damaged world, full of wonders, mysteries and dangers", the narrator continues as sequences of aerial combat and above all of enemy positions that we can reach and conquer, eliminating all the hostile units that garrison them, also here as in Far Cry. and several other open world based shooters.

Enemies and settlements

Halo Infinite, one of the enemies we will face in the campaign "The Banished are hunting the Master Chief and what remains of the UNSC, with fighters scattered across the map and intent on building settlements and fortresses without having to worry about anyone ... so far. " We see a frantic fight with a Brute, a scene in which the Chief hits enemies from a distance with a sniper rifle and the clash with a group of enemies aiming to free the hostages, who recognize their savior and offer to help him in the battle. br>
The emphasis on freedom of action is emphasized, we select a point of interest and our character reaches it, facing another enemy base. How will we decide to proceed, silently or with a frontal assault? Chief takes out the missile launcher and everything becomes all too clear. The following sequences show the hero crushing his opponents aboard a motorcycle, grappling a bomb to throw it on a silo and then being joined by a Brute.

Power-ups and spectacularity

Halo Infinite, one of the positions that we can attack As part of this confrontation we see Master Chief activate an energy barrier to protect himself from his opponent's missiles, use the grappling hook to grab a huge war hammer, recall the unprecedented power-ups screen to improve the Thruster and then immediately use it to shoot to the side and at the same time make himself invisible, and then hit with the mallet.

We are in the final stages and the concept of sandbox is reaffirmed when Chief uses the grappling hook like a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to launch himself into the air and hit yet another silo with a grenade, or when he gets on board the powerful Scorpion, a real tank equipped with cannon with which we can have fun razing enemy positions to the ground.

Action in flight and boss

Halo Infinite, the assassin Jega 'Rdomnai The apotheosis is reached soon after, however, when the character throws himself into the air from a Wasp, falling destroys a hostile vehicle with the missile launcher, shoots his grappling hook at a third Wasp and steals it by throwing its pilot into the void: high-adrenaline sequences that mark a clear trespass from the parts of Just Cause 4 (review here).

The narrator speaks at this point of old and new enemies that we will find in the Halo Infinite campaign, from the usual Brutes to the novelty of the elusive Skimmers, passing through the killer of Spartan called Jega 'Rdomnai and for other fighters if possible even more dangerous. Like Escharum, the main villain of the game, seen in the very last part of the video albeit in a short cinematic sequence and not in real time.

Preliminary impressions

Halo Infinite, the villain Escharum Let's start by saying that from a technical point of view, the presentation of the Halo Infinite single player campaign finally possesses the characteristics of a new generation product, in particular a very wide visual distance and rather rich scenarios, far from those seen in the demo of the 2020.

Now everything is perfectly clear, at least on PC and Xbox Series X, and the setting lends itself to being experienced in any way: on foot, aboard a wheeled vehicle or from above. The freedom of action is truly absolute, in line with more recent open world titles, and it is possible to set objectives on the map and then reach them and clear them of the enemy presence.

A ship unloads a means of transport in Halo Infinite In the frenetic action that is shown in the trailer, in particular the sequences in which the Master Chief launches himself from a Wasp and then destroys another on the fly and steals a third one by reaching it with the grappling hook, we read a smashing and playful approach that for many verses has always been typical of the multiplayer modes of the series, and this can only represent an advantage for the single player sector.

The perplexities lie in the generic nature of all these structural solutions, many of which appear decidedly derivative, inspired clearly to this or that game. For the moment, the personality of Halo is missing, which we imagine, however, to find in the main missions of the campaign and certainly not in a showcase designed specifically to demonstrate how many things it will be possible to do in Halo Infinite.

The Halo Infinite campaign is has been significantly improved compared to what we saw last year and the new trailer emphasizes all the possibilities granted by the open world structure. Some news are very interesting, see the grappling hook and the verticality of the action, while others appear rather derivative, perhaps fresh compared to the tradition of the Microsoft series, but widely already seen elsewhere. It will therefore be interesting to get your hands on the game and find out what it really has to say, whether or not the legitimate ambitions of the new chapter will materialize into a truly memorable experience.


A lot improved, but we took it for granted Promises great substance thanks to the open world structure Several very interesting news DOUBTS Some aspects appear derivative and generic Have you noticed errors?

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