Instagram opens up to everyone the possibility of inserting links in the Stories

Instagram opens up to everyone the possibility of inserting links in the Stories

Good news for Instagram users: for some hours, in fact, the popular social network has extended to everyone the possibility of inserting links within their Stories.

Until recently, the function was available only for verified accounts or with more than 10 thousand followers, and the link could be accessed by "swipe up" or scrolling up from the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Later, Instagram introduced the Link sticker, permanently replacing the old swipe up mechanism.

The option is still being rolled out, so it may take a while longer for "Link" appear among your stickers. For those who already have it, inserting a link is very easy: just select the sticker, type or paste the desired link in it and then tap on "Done" to save the changes.

For the currently, the customization options are very limited. It is possible to change the color as for all the other stickers, by repeatedly touching the sticker to choose the style that best suits the content of our Story. Instagram promises important updates regarding the future of links, which include greater creative control by customizing the font and adding new colors.

Also according to Instagram, this new feature will bring benefits above all to businesses and shops, which will be able to insert direct links to the purchase of their products on their e-commerce. In general, however, anyone can use them and for different purposes, starting with content creators on platforms external to Instagram such as bloggers and YouTubers.

The possibility of inserting links in other areas of the social network remains suspended. network, like under a single post or in the comments section.

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