NIntendo Switch Online: Expansion Pack Trailer Is Most Despised Ever

NIntendo Switch Online: Expansion Pack Trailer Is Most Despised Ever

NIntendo Switch Online

That the Nintendo Switch Online subscription expansion pack was not well received by gamers was easy to guess just by reading the comments on our site, but that its trailer would become the most despised ever on Nintendo's YouTube channel. it was so obvious. Consider that he snatched this sad record from Metroid Prime: Federation Force for 3DS, probably the most hated Japanese company game ever, the one that no one asked because no one wanted.

Currently the expansion pack trailer Nintendo Switch Online has 100,354 negative votes, compared to 96,846 for Metroid Prime: Federation Force. But what is it that is generating so much bitterness?

Meanwhile, the increased price, to still have titles from many years ago. In particular, the most critical argue, those of Nintendo for Nintendo 64 could be included in the basic subscription, given that the company does not cost anything in licenses. In addition, the problems in the emulation of the Nintendo 64 games, to say of many very bad due to the graphic glitches, the online lag, the lack of support for the emulation of the Controller Pak, as well as much lower than that of free emulators present for years on the market. In fact, it could have been done much better. Much better.

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Random: Nintendo's Switch Online 'Expansion Pack' Trailer Is Now Its Most Disliked YouTube Video Ever

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Earlier this month, we reported on how Nintendo's Switch Online overview trailer for the new 'Expansion Pack' add-on (see above) was struggling to win over the masses.

Well, an update on that - as highlighted by our friends over at VGC, it's now become the most disliked trailer ever on Nintendo's main YouTube channel. How bad is it? Well, the number of dislikes have now surpassed 100,000, with only 17,000 likes. Yikes!

As noted by the source, the previous record-holder was the E3 2015 3DS trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force - with 11,000 likes and 96,000 dislikes. Notably, the view count on both are quite different, which is worth taking into consideration. Federation Force has over 1.5 million views and the NSO trailer has over one million views.

'It’s worth noting that the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack – Overview Trailer has around 500,000 fewer views, and also managed to achieve this in just 16 days.'

NSO Dislikes

It's not exactly been a welcoming launch for the Switch Online 'Expansion Pack' containing Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games. This premium paid service has been criticised for not even matching the standards set by community emulation efforts. Many other players also claim to have encountered all sorts of technical issues with the Nintendo 64 library.

What are your own thoughts about the 'Expansion Pack' tier so far? Would you give it the thumbs up? Leave a comment below.

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