The Core i9-12900K sets a new overclocking record

The Core i9-12900K sets a new overclocking record

After an incredibly long wait, Intel has officially announced the 12th generation Alder Lake processors, the first mainstream hybrids to support DDR5 memory and the PCIe 5.0 interface. Well-known overclocker Allen 'Splave' Golibersuch wasted no time in breaking a couple of world records with the new chips at Intel's live streaming event.

With the help of some liquid nitrogen tanks, Splave pushed the Core i9-12900K to 6.8GHz on the Golden Cove (P-core) cores and 5.3GHz on the Gracemont (E-core) cores. For comparison, the Core i9-12900K features a 5.2GHz P-core boost clock and a 3.9GHz E-core clock. This is an overclocking of 31% and 36%, respectively, on the P and E cores.

Photo Credit: ASRock's Z690 Aqua OC Edition was the motherboard of choice for Splave, whose production is limited to 500 units. The OC Edition is almost a carbon copy of the Z690 Aqua, except with two fewer DDR5 slots. In fact, the dual-DIMM design aims to improve memory overclocking. The Core i9-12900K system also included Klevv's DDR5-4800 memory, overclocked to DDR5-6200 C34, der8auer's Reaktor 2.0 LN2, and EVGA's 1,600W SuperNOVA power supply.

Score Single-Core Multi-Core (16-Core) XTU 2.0 12,765 N / AN / A Geekbench 4 N / A 11,669 93,232 Geekbench 5 N / A 2,740 26,649 Splave set new single and multi-core (16-core) world records on Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5 with the Core i9-12900K boosted to 6.8 GHz / 5.3 GHz. On XTU 2.0, however, it had to lower the Golden Cove cores down to 6.7GHz to achieve sufficient stability to complete the benchmark. The Core i9-11900K (Rocket Lake) and Ryzen 9 5950X (Zen 3) were the previous record holders for the single and 16-core Geekbench 5 benchmarks with 2,309 and 20,929 points, respectively. Therefore, the Core i9-12900K outclassed the Intel chip by 19% and the AMD chip by 27%.

Alder Lake is available for pre-order at most retailers, but the chips won't ship until November 4, 2021. The Core i9-12900K retails for $ 589, just $ 40 more than the previous Core i9-11900K. However, the flagship Alder Lake processor is $ 210 cheaper than AMD's Ryzen 9 5950X.

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