Fortnite says goodbye to China, here are the probable reasons

Fortnite says goodbye to China, here are the probable reasons

Fortnite says goodbye to China

For the first time ever, Fortnite has found a major obstacle in its growth. The Battle Royale of Epic Games in the West in fact does not seem to know rivals and even the accusations focused on microtransactions cannot stop Tim Sweeney and associates from producing skins and weekly updates in industrial quantities. Yet, for the first time, Epic will be forced to take a step back.

As reported online, in fact, Fortnite will be completely banned in China. To report the news we thought iFireMonkey, Twitter user active in the world of Battle Royale of Epic Games. According to what emerges from the information obtained by the insider, starting tomorrow in China it will not be possible to access the servers to create new accounts. On November 15, however, the game will be inaccessible and the servers will be shut down permanently. The reasons behind this choice are not yet there, or at least, have not yet been revealed by Epic Games or Tencent, which owns the shares in Tim Sweeney's company. However, some hypotheses are already beginning to circulate online.

The first reason why Fortnite will cease its operations in China would be to be found in the Chinese government. With the three-hour game limit imposed on minors, the game's servers may be too expensive to maintain with a low fan base. Another hypothesis concerns the same popularity of the home game Epic Games, which has entered a market that is perhaps too saturated: in fact, most Asian players focus only on PUBG, the first Battle Royale to have become mainstream.

Fortnite China is shutting down November 15th @ 11 AM CT

Spotted by @itsarkheops

- iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) October 31, 2021

Fortnite is certainly one of the greatest hits of recent years. And if Epic Games continues in its support, the game is likely to be destined for even more popularity. At least in the West, since apparently in China it will no longer be possible to play it. A possible return in the near future is for now to be excluded, but if things change at the legislative level, perhaps Epic Games could reconsider everything, especially considering the participation of Tencent in the US publisher and developer.

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'Fortnite' Servers Down As Battle Royale Game Prepares for v18.10 Update

Image shows the battle pass keyart for "Fortnite" Season 8. © Epic Games Image shows the battle pass keyart for 'Fortnite' Season 8.

The Fortnite servers are currently experiencing a period of scheduled downtime, while the next update for Season 8 is rolled out.

Fortnite Season 8 (aka 'Cubed') began just a little over two weeks ago and introduced a customizable Toona Fish character, a brand new battle pass, a revised punchcard system and a horde of monsters that inhabit interdimensional anomalies scattered around the map.

The first major update for the season, v18.10, is launching today but details are a little sketchy on what it might entail. According to reliable data miners, we might be getting some kind of collaboration between Epic Games and Hasbro's Monopoly brand. If these leaks turn out to be accurate, then pieces from that boardgame (like the top hat and the race car) will be transformed into cosmetic back-bling options for your avatar.

Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8






Click to expand



The arrival of an additional Point of Interest (POI) on the island is also being forecast for v18.10, alongside new weapons and a long-awaited buff to the amount of XP you earn in online matches. That last part will address a source of contention that has loomed over the initial weeks of Fortnite Season 8, as fans have noticed that they are not levelling up through the battle pass as fast as they used to.

Regardless of what changes v18.10 is bringing to Fortnite Season 8, a period of server downtime is required to implement them. This is why you are currently unable to play the battle royale or even boot up its home screen (it will just says 'Servers Not Responding' if you try).

The downtime began at 4 a.m. ET on Tuesday, September 28, although matchmaking was actually disabled 30 minutes prior to this, in order to ensure that no one was kicked out midway through a game.

In terms of how long this downtime will last, there has been no official word on the subject yet, but these updates usually take somewhere between 2 and 4 hours to roll out.

According to the Fortnite Status Twitter account – which provides timely bulletins on these things – v18.10 is a larger patch size than normal (specifically on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch), so it could be closer to the 4-hour mark.

Once the servers are back online, you will need to download an update file on whichever system you use for playing Fortnite. Around this time, the official patch notes will also be uploaded to the Epic Games website, offering greater clarity on what the update has actually brought to the table.

In related Fortnite Season 8 news, we have prepared a guide explaining where you can find IO guards around the island, so that you can more easily complete your punchcard quests.

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