Xbox Game Pass October 2021, the second wave of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass October 2021, the second wave of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass October 2021

As per tradition, we have now reached the late second half of October 2021 and we have a precise vision of the new introductions planned for the second wave of games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for subscribers to the Microsoft service.

So let's do the usual overview of these introductions, which also in this case differ considerably in quantity and quality, as the subscription service from the Redmond company has long accustomed us to.

Xbox Game Pass October 2021, the second wave of games in the catalog In this case we are dealing with 11 other games that enrich the catalog after the first wave of titles seen at the beginning of the month, making more and more difficult to keep up with the overwhelming backlog, but also allowing you to really try a large amount of games from many different genres. Also in this case we find a considerable variety of possible experiences between fighting, action, adventures, shooters and strategic.

Into the Pit - Xbox, Cloud and PC, October 19th

Into the Pit, as shown in the image, FPS mixes magic and occultism Ok, we agree that talking about "hybrid with roguelike elements" has become rather boring in recent years, given the continuous experimentation on the genre which, in fact, has in turn become a canon, but in this case we are dealing with a really very interesting game . Into the Pit, if nothing else, breaks out of the normal standards of roguelike mixed RPG to stage a real fast and dynamic FPS like those of the old days, but with elements of progression and gameplay loops in line with the idea. "rogue". Compared to many other productions, it is something very different from the usual, also thanks to its strange setting that combines magic, occult and frenzied action, placing us in the role of a sort of magician intent on defeating the forces of evil, downloading spells a barrage of unfortunate dark spirits.

Outriders - PC, October 19

Outriders, an image from the shooter After being launched directly on Xbox Game Pass in console version on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, Outriders also arrives in the PC version within the service catalog. It's a game that has also generated a lot of interest due to its being a triple A third party launched directly within Xbox Game Pass on day one on consoles, and it's not something that happens often. But beyond this, it has proved to be a title capable of thrilling a good amount of users: it is a third-person shooter with a sci-fi setting that recovers the classic basics of the genre but transports them to a slightly richer context, with some RPG elements and the ability to play single or multiplayer. The four character classes ensure different approaches, with a style close to that of Destiny. Read more in our Outriders review.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Xbox and Cloud, October 21

Dragon Ball FighterZ, a fight based on the fighting game A fighting game finally arrives on Xbox Game Pass and it's none other than Dragon Ball FighterZ, the excellent interpretation of the Toriyama series by Arc System Works. The genre is certainly very rare in the catalog of the service, a reason that leads us to take this title into great consideration, which also has the advantage of being able to put a convincing videogame version of Dragon Ball on the screen, and it is not what recently. The developers have used all their now historical know-how on this type of games combined with the technical knowledge of the Unreal Engine to take the particular 2D-like 3D processing in which he is a master on the Japanese team to the extreme consequences. The result is precisely what we dreamed of years ago thinking about a possible Dragon Ball game of the future: that is a real interactive cartoon but which is also playable and technical like a real fighting game. Mandatory download, as our Dragon Ball FighterZ review also demonstrates.

Echo Generation - Xbox, Cloud & PC, October 21

Echo Generation, a treehouse image demonstrates the strange graphic style Between Stranger Things and Earthbound, Echo Generation represents one of the most interesting titles immediately within the crowd of productions that we have seen arriving in this area in recent months, thanks to the activity of the ID @ Xbox program. It is an adventure that is played precisely as a JRPG and which is particularly close to Earthbound (i.e. the Mother series by Nintendo) both in tone and in structure and gameplay. As simple boys from a small and charming town, we find ourselves involved in an incredible adventure that brings together aliens, bizarre creatures and disturbing mysteries to be discovered under the apparently quiet facade of streets and houses in the neighborhood. Between exploration, ironic dialogues between crazy characters and turn-based combat, you can really breathe the air of the 80-90s in Echo Generation, which is also enhanced by the strange cubic graphic style.

Everspace 2 (Game Preview) - PC, October 21

Everspace 2, the new shooter also takes us to the surface of planets, as in this image Who has played the first chapter will be waiting impatiently for Everspace 2, given what the progenitor. The second chapter is a substantial evolution of what was seen previously in different directions, from a technical and content point of view: it is still a game in Game Preview, or in early access and therefore not in its definitive version, but it is however, a title that even at present can offer a lot. Everspace 2 is a space-based shooter that puts us in command of a spacecraft engaged in various missions within different environments, from surfaces of alien planets to huge space bases up to open space, with the possibility of exploring environments, evolving the ship and, of course, fight in frenetic air battles.

Age of Empires IV - PC, October 28

One of the most important first party games for Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios in this rich 2021 is Age of Empires IV, which perhaps makes a little less noise than other releases since it is a less flashy genre and a title currently exclusively linked to the PC sector. In any case, it is a strategic one awaited by a large amount of players who have practically grown with this series, which has been stuck for years and now finally continued with a real new chapter, after the various remastered editions. The return of the franchise is exciting, as we have also confirmed in our review of Age of Empires IV published just in these days: eight civilizations to control, new game mechanics and a completely renewed 3D graphics evolve a structure that remains strongly anchored to the points. of historical strength of the series.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Xbox and PC, October 28

Alan Wake's American Nightmare takes us back to the American nightmare of the writer Born from the ashes of the project started for the second chapter of the series, Alan Wake's American Nightmare is still a very particular and interesting game, especially for those who concluded the original chapter, since it expands and enriches the story more like a sequel than a simple spin-off. After the events of Alan Wake, the protagonist finds himself trapped in a dark dimension, while Mr Scratch, his disturbing doppelganger of him, takes his place in reality. In American Nightmare we must then try to fight to get out of the strange prison and return to take possession of our role in physical reality, in a game more focused on shooter action than on adventure. Everything takes place in a particular American rural setting created by the protagonist himself as a backdrop for an episode of the Night Springs series, building a truly peculiar atmosphere.

Backbone - Xbox, October 28

Backbone, an adventure image that shows the charming graphic style Howard Lotor is a hardened detective from a hard life, spent on the street investigating murky cases. After years of jobs and wages of misery that lead him to barely make ends meet, Lotor is involved in a completely new case, which drags him into an increasingly dark story with important implications for him and for the entire city of Vancouver. He will therefore have to give his investigative skills to the head of the mystery, opposing the systemic and oppressive power hierarchies that reign over the city in an epic path for him who has always been a sort of anti-hero. Ah, and it's a raccoon too. This is the story behind Backbone, a very interesting investigative graphic adventure, between "post-noir" detective setting and anthropomorphic animals, now also coming to Xbox after being released last June in the Game Pass for PC.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 - Xbox, Cloud and PC, October 28

Bassmaster Fishing 2022, the image of a fishing location Dovetail Games is now specialized in various types of simulations and among these those of fishing are achieving considerable success, from year to year. Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is launched directly in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which is therefore enriched with the official simulation of the bass fishing championship, complete with single player and multiplayer crossplay competition. For the rest, it is one of the most complete video games in the field of fishing simulation, with the possibility of managing every aspect of the sport from the preparation of the equipment to the choice of the place to fish, from the techniques of launch and recovery up to all. the strategies to undertake to try to catch the biggest and most sought-after prey ever, in order to conquer the title of Bassmaster.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition - Xbox, Cloud and PC, October 28

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition presents itself characterized by a particular retro style Equipped with a truly bizarre and fascinating characterization, which recalls the old 2D action, but with a truly high-profile stylistic reworking, which makes it an almost artistic experience, Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition is an action game with sliding 2D platform elements. In the role of a tireless fighter, we find ourselves exploring procedurally generated levels trying to keep killing enemies in order to keep multipliers high and carry us forward in the game's characteristic progression. By losing, we are forced to surrender something as per the now standardized Rogue-lite rules, while still keeping some of the progress made. Great musical accompaniment and minimalist and stylish graphics frame what is certainly one of the most peculiar gaming experiences among those present in this Xbox Game Pass release.

The Forgotten City - Xbox, Cloud and PC, October 28

The Forgotten City, the Roman-era city where the inhabitants are transformed into golden statues The Forgotten City is a strange and fascinating story: it started out as an extensive and complex mod of Skyrim, the title has was so successful that it became a fully-fledged standalone video game of the same name. And the game itself is also fascinating: it is an adventure that transports us to a mysterious city of the Roman era, which has obtained the protection of the gods but under the disturbing threat of the "Golden Rule", a law based on the which comes citizens are punished if they break a certain rule. It is not known what is the forbidden sin that triggers the rule, but the punishment for this is the transformation of living beings into golden statues. With the protagonist seeming the only one able to communicate with the statues, we find ourselves having to reconstruct the past of the characters and try to resolve the situation by making several attempts through the time loops.

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