Xbox Series X available from Mediaworld starting at 3pm!

Xbox Series X available from Mediaworld starting at 3pm!

Update 15:26 hours: consoles sold out!

Mediaworld continues to animate the week, at least as regards gaming enthusiasts and, in particular, those of the console world! In fact, we would like to point out that, after the last 2 days dedicated to the splendid PlayStation 5, it is now the turn of the Xbox Series X, the highly sought after Microsoft flagship which, as you know, very rarely appears among the proposals of the various online stores.

Having said that, we remind you that, since this is a sale by Mediaworld, you will need to be registered on the new gaming portal of the chain, without which access you will not bea> able to access the purchase page, nor complete the transaction from the shopping cart. That is why, since there is no shortage of time, we suggest you take the opportunity to go to the portal, through these coordinates, so as to immediately register (or login, if you are already registered), so as not to run into problems or slowdowns at the time of opening the online queue.

Having said that, we would like to remind you that even if you access the sales queue, you will not be guaranteed the purchase of the console. In fact, stocks are always much lower than demand, and it is plausible that even if you remain in the queue for an hour, you will only have access to the site when the console is already exhausted. In this sense, it is useful to remind you which are the fundamental factors that regulate the purchase queue:

your position in the queue; the possibility that whoever is before you will lose their turn for some reason; the number of pieces made available by the chain. So, as you will understand, queues with waiting times of an hour or more could mean that you will have very little chance of grabbing a console, even if, net of this, we still invite you not to leave the queue as there are many reports. by users who, with patience, managed to buy the console after an hour in a row.

Read also: There is a revolution out there and it's called Xbox Game Pass That said, in wishing you could buy Xbox Series X, and with the promise of continuous updates on the status of console sales, you remember that if you are a gaming enthusiast, and you have an Xbox console or a gaming PC, it is worth signing up for a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service which, at a ridiculous price, will allow you to play hundreds of games for free every month. of both old and new titles, and the beauty is that the first month you can subscribe to it at the symbolic cost of just 1 euro! An unmissable opportunity, especially if you manage to buy the new Microsoft console and want to put it to the test immediately!

At this point we refer you directly to the console sales link, guaranteeing that we will keep the situation under constant control and we will to update this article as soon as the opportunity arises. In the meantime, however, we refer you to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, which is the ideal place to promptly receive information on the upcoming availability of the various consoles, and where we will also offer you in real time all the best promotions relating to Offers, Hardware & Tech , Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping and good luck!

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