How the new ecobonus works to buy used cars

How the new ecobonus works to buy used cars

40 million euros have been allocated for grants ranging from 750 to 2,000 euros for the purchase of used cars of Euro 6 standard or higher. Here are the instructions for using the platform

Cars on Italian motorways (La Presse - Vince Paolo Gerace) The new eco-incentives for the purchase of low-emission used cars are underway, with 40 million euros allocated by the Sostegni decree bis and contributions up to 2000 euros if a vehicle of the same category is scrapped. From 10 am on 28 September, dealers will be able to access the dedicated platform of the Ministry of Economic Development and start booking to access incentives.

What do you need to register on the platform?

Resellers and their employees will be able to register to book contributions on the Ecobonus platform (available at this link) by entering their VAT number, the Rea number (which indicates the position of the company within the economic-administrative repertory) and filling out the online form with your personal and contact details, including the dealer's pec.

After choosing the password to access the reserved area for booking incentives, the system will send a communication to the pec address indicated with a link to confirm registration. Only after confirmation will a second communication be sent, this time on the traditional email address, with the link to enter the reserved area and the name of the account with which to log in. The registration service is active every day from 9 am to 6 pm. In case of problems, you can contact the assistance service on 848 886 886.

How will the contribution be applied?

The concessionaires will directly recognize the contribution to the final buyer, and then recover it as a tax credit, which can be used as compensation through the F24 form presented in digital mode . Buyers will therefore receive a direct discount on their purchase, of a variable amount depending on the amount of emissions produced by the vehicle and whether or not a car is sold for scrap.

How much will the discount be?

The amount of the contributions varies according to the emissions produced by the vehicle you want to buy. The maximum is 2000 euros for the range from 0 to 60 grams of CO 2 per kilometer, 1000 for that between 61 and 90 grams and 750 euros for the range between 91 and 160 grams.

Which vehicles can be scrapped?

To access the incentives, only vehicles of the same category provided for in the incentives can be scrapped (therefore exclusively cars), registered for at least 12 months to the purchaser or to a family member and registered before the first January 2011 or which reach 10 years by December 31st.

Which vehicles can be purchased?

To be purchased with the incentives, the cars must be first registered in Italy and not having been the subject of other incentives, provided for by the 2019 and 2021 Budget Law. in addition, the vehicles can only be of Euro 6 standard or higher and with CO 2 emissions contained within 160 grams per kilometer, with a price not exceeding over 25 thousand euros.

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