FIFA 22 | The best players ever for any competition

FIFA 22 | The best players ever for any competition

Every good FIFA player knows that in order to achieve maximum results and a great winning streak he must put on a winning team. Choosing the best FIFA 22 players is not easy and not all players are perfect for every type of competition present. There are in fact some athletes more suitable for Serie A, some who work better in Ligue 1, others faster, others more skilled in passing, in short, there are really stronger players in each category. In this guide we will see the absolute best players in the game, depending on the competition.

IMPORTANT: We remind you that the rankings and scores come from the "Evaluation Committee", of the football fans who create the overall judgment for evaluate over 17,000 players.

The best players in FIFA 22

Best players ever with stats Best young talent Fastest players Best players Under 21 Best players Ligue 1 Best players in Serie A Best players of the Bundesliga Best players Best players of LaLiga Santander Best players of the Premier League

FIFA 22: the best players ever

Before leaving you to the list of players, we remind you that the overall statistic, or the overall score total of the player is given by an average of the points that have the following characteristics:

Pac = Acceleration / Speed ​​Sho = Shot Pas = Pas wise Dri = Dribbling Def = Defense Phy = Physical TOT = Final score O for goalkeepers:

Div = Han Dive = Hold Kic = Raise Ref = Reflexes Spd = Speed ​​Pos = Positioning TOT = Final score Of course, i players with a higher overall score are the strongest, but some have surprises in particular characteristics that make them better at dribbling, defending, etc.

Lionel Messi Pac = 85

Sho = 92

Pas = 91

Dri = 95

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