10 (+1) Subreddits perfect for starting the journey into the depths of Reddit

10 (+1) Subreddits perfect for starting the journey into the depths of Reddit

Reddit is a well of curiosity. Here are 10 (+1) subreddits to start getting familiar with the portal if you've never visited it.

Reddit (Photo Illustration by Avishek Das / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) Reddit, as well as having an ego immense to the point of calling itself the “internet front page”, it hides innumerable communities ready to share their knowledge with the world of the web. It doesn't matter if the topic is "the screws to be used on a certain surface" or "contemporary history as seen by penguins", on Reddit there is certainly something capable of attracting attention and triggering everyone's curiosity.

Precisely because it is practically certain that, browsing the portal, a user can find a subreddit - that is the specific groups on which a particular topic is discussed - that piques his curiosity, Reddit in the latest round of funding has once again convinced investors to open their wallets, thus exceeding 10 billion dollars in value.

Since training as a rookie in Reddit risks ending up like Alice chasing the White Rabbit, Wired recommends 10 +1 particularly interesting subreddits from which to start discovering the hidden corners of this world.

r / Futurology

This subreddit hosts anyone interested or even simply fascinated by new technologies. Unlike r / Technology, however, this community is not interested in the technologies present and the latest updates from Apple or Facebook. Futurology focuses its attention on the biggest, most ambitious and sexy (yes, exactly sexy, because for this community some technological innovations are even defined as such) discoveries that humanity is working on. Therefore, if you want to know where the idea of ​​Tesla's humanoid robot could lead, as well as reading “The Robots” by Asimo, you can browse the posts of this community.

r / Nonononoyes

Members of this community like to chat about video clips or gifs that reproduce moments in which everything seems to go wrong, worse and worse, on the verge of tragedy but, for whatever reason, at the last second the disaster is avoided. Cars that narrowly avoid catastrophic accidents, miraculous healings of athletes whose careers seemed to have stalled and even miraculous escapes of prey from predators. You never know what a compelling story will hit you by visiting this subreddit. One day it can be a honey badger that escapes a python and then even eats it, the next day it can be the story of Gianmarco Tamberi who breaks his ankle just before Rio 2016 and struggles to get Olympic gold in Tokyo 2020.

r / Instant_regret

Things are a little worse here than in the previous subreddit. The clips hosted in the community portray stupid feats masterfully performed. The peculiarity of these clips is that their protagonists immediately realize the bad decisions made, regretting it instantly. So if you are people who like to marvel at the immense human stupidity, then this subreddit is for you. The perfect soundtrack to read these discussions? What I've Done by Linkin Park.

r / PhotoshopBattles

The most epic battles on the web are fought with photo editing. In this subreddit anyone, even those who are not a photoshop wizard, can participate in real battles. The premise is very simple: users send images that are suitable for photo editing and the members of the subreddit give space to their imagination by modifying and remixing the original image. The result will then be posted in the thread as a comment, giving visitors compositions on the verge of genius.

r / AskScience

Like history, science can be a difficult subject to study alone . As such, why not seek the wisdom of the experts? The answers on AskScience are supported by peer-reviewed sources, so that their reliability is guaranteed. Furthermore, the subreddit rules stifle any attempt to wreck off-topic topics or spread disinformation. It doesn't matter if the questions are about physics or biology, for any doubts about the natural world in this subreddit there is always someone extremely knowledgeable ready to provide a scientifically accurate answer. Also, AskScience is one of the most civilized and informative forums in all of Reddit

r / HoldMyRedbull

Belonging to the HoldMy [drink] community family this subreddit is perhaps the most spectacular of the family. Unlike its ancestor r / HoldMyBeer, a subreddit in which the protagonists of video clips or gifs were so drunk as to perform feats that when sober they would never even dare to do, r / HoldMyRedbull hosts clips of people performing the most incredible extreme stunts, challenging (successfully) the grim reaper.

r / BrandNewSentence

For lovers of humor from the common, this community offers a wide range of hilarious materials. The premise is that all of the clips shared in this subreddit, all images or gifs, contain such quirky phrases that they most likely could never have been written or thought of before. A good chunk of the images posted come from posts found on social networks or from the extravagant headlines of some local newspapers. If this is your first time visiting this subreddit, Wired's advice is to sort the threads by popularity, so you can have a lot of laughs right away.

r / todayilearned

This subreddit is dedicated to the most curious of the web, to all those who want to learn something new every day. This community is able to absorb the curious user for hours. Although most of the topics covered concern scientific or historical notions, the topics covered practically cover all fields from the best known to the most particular.

r / 100yearsago

What happened today, but 100 years ago? The community tries to answer this simple question every day. History buffs will always find something new and can browse this subreddit by browsing through quotes, photos and newspaper clippings from a century ago. By the time this article is coming out, the subreddit is busy rattling off the events of the 1920s.

r / Showerthoughts

There are two types of people: those in the shower they get lost in absurd thoughts and those who lie. The shower is a moment of relaxation and often on that occasion it happens to have particular thoughts, deep or sometimes so absurd that they cannot remain unshared. This subreddit is made for sharing these thoughts. From the more serious reasoning to the unhealthy idea of ​​using the hair straightener to cook bacon slices, you are sure to find some unique perspectives here.


As an extra, Wired has chosen to recommend what is not exactly a subreddit but rather a set of subreddits. Don't be fooled by the name, there is nothing really pornographic in this collection. This is the set of subreddits that have the word "porn" in their title but which refer to images, videos, drawings, maps so beautiful that they are an orgasm for the eyes of the fans who watch them.

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