The Taliban have been included among terrorist organizations to limit their online propaganda

The Taliban have been included among terrorist organizations to limit their online propaganda

A UN-backed initiative that maintains a terrorism database on the net has also added the Taliban to the list, instructing platforms to limit or delete their content

Photo: Noorullah Shirzada / Afp via Getty Images L UN-backed initiative against online terrorism, Tech against terrorism, has advised social media platforms to delete or limit Taliban-related content after Taliban regained power in Afghanistan last week.

Il The group has in fact added the Taliban to its Terrorist content analytics platform (Tcpa), a database that detects terrorist content online and warns the platforms. This decision seems a clear signal to the technology companies, which are currently grappling with how to deal with the Taliban presence on the web.

“The Taliban were one of the groups we considered adding to the Tcap for a long time, however in light of recent events in Afghanistan and to provide clarity to the tech companies we work with on this (admittedly challenging) content moderation problem, we have decided to accelerate the inclusion of official Taliban content, "said the group in a note. This decision, it reads, was supported by the designation of the Taliban as a terrorist group by the European Union, Canada and the US Treasury Department

“Although we understand that this is a matter of moderation challenging, the fact that the Taliban now effectively constitute the Afghan government should not prevent platforms from implementing their rules in this area and removing material produced by a designated terrorist organization, ”the group said.

Facebook and YouTube have said they will keep bans on existing content in place, while Twitter, the most used social media for official Taliban communication, said last week that it will not impose a broad ban on their posts and account. However, a spokesperson said the platform will continue to enforce its policies that prohibit the glorification of violence.

Tech against terrorism's database has only existed since last November and until now contained content from a few organizations terrorists, including Isis and Al Qaeda, as well as violent far-right extremist groups, such as the Proud Boys. The Global internet forum to counter terrorism, founded by Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter, also recently said it would start relying on Tcap for its database of urls that businesses can automatically block.

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