External SSDs for PS5 | The best of 2021

External SSDs for PS5 | The best of 2021

One of the strengths of PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly the new SSD, which allows the next generation Sony console to take a step forward in the technical aspect. Thanks to it, in fact, games are loaded much faster and more timely than in the past, and players can benefit from next-gen experiences a significant step forward compared to the past.

In addition to the internal SSD However, PlayStation 5 offers fans the possibility of expanding the memory with the use of external SSDs (you can also find the guide on the best hard drives for Xbox). The choice is quite wide, so in our buying guide we have decided to offer you a series of external SSDs for PS5 that can offer you what you need in terms of space, budget and features of the various models. If you prefer, however, Sony has made available the possibility of adding an internal SSD to your PS5, here the assembly guide and the best internal SSDs to buy.

Best external SSDs PlayStation 5

Sandisk Samsung Western Digital Crucial

Sandisk Extreme SSD

Let's start with one of the best possible choices, both for its general quality and for the price, which is not too excessive. Let's talk about the Sandisk Extreme SSD available in 500GB, 1T, 2T or 4T capacities. This SSD supports nvme technology that allows you to have ssd performance with read speeds of up to 1,050 mb / s and write speeds of up to 1,000 mb / s in a high-capacity portable drive, perfect for holding all the data you have. need by connecting everything quickly to your PS5. What's more, this SSD's great feature is its unique drop resistance from a maximum of two meters and an ip55 protection rating against water and dust.

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Samsung Portable SSD T5

Another more than excellent SSD is offered by Samsung, with a product with a transfer speed up to 4.9 times higher than a mechanical external hard drive. Available in both 1T and 2T capacities, this Samsung SSD is smaller than a normal business card, as the T5 model weighs only 51 grams and is just 10.5mm thick. Compact, slim and light: the Samsung Portable T5 is the perfect portable SSD even for gamers who need a lot of extra storage space for their favorite games.

Western Digital My Passport Go

Now let's move on to an SSD suitable for those who do not want to spend too much but are still looking for a high quality product. To meet these needs we think the Westren Digital My Passport Go, an SSD that can be easily defined as pocketable and beautiful to look at with its colorful design, Available in three versions: 500GB, 1T and 2T, this external SSD is compact and resistant . In addition, this solid state drive is free of moving parts, specially designed and built by WD to offer excellent safety and reliability to all types of users, even for gamers who always need more storage space at their disposal. .

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Crucial X6

Still staying on an affordable budget for all budgets, there is also the Crucial X6 SSD, a still product more compact and excellent first SSD for those who may not be looking for the latest model. Available in both 500GB and 1T, 2T or 4T versions, this SSD is perfect for those who need to carry around their data saved in a small and not bulky device. Add to this a read speed of up to 540 MB / s: 3.8 times faster than most hard drives, making it a great SSD despite its lower price.

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How to choose the best external SSDs for PlayStation 5

Speed ​​

One of the most important aspects to keep an eye on when you are approach to an SSD is undoubtedly the reading speed. This data allows you to know if the product you are about to purchase can satisfy your needs or not. To have in your hands a product that is more than sufficient in speed, an SSD with a speed of no less than 100 MB / s may be enough


The dimensions of the SSD can also be a feature to be do not underestimate, especially when it comes to external SSDs that you can safely carry around and use your save data or entire games around the world.

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