What sanctions do those who do not ask for the green pass risk?

What sanctions do those who do not ask for the green pass risk?

Who has to check the green pass? Where should it be shown? What fines do you risk? Which certifications are valid? The latest circular from the Interior Ministry sheds light on the doubts surrounding the green certification

(photo: ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP via Getty Images) A ​​new circular from the Interior Ministry provides new details on the phase of checks that must be carried out on the green pass. Signed by Bruno Frattasi, head of the ministry's cabinet, the circular states that there will be checks in the cities, in the places of nightlife and in tourist resorts and that offenders will incur penalties. There are 3 types of green pass: certification of healing, certification of receipt of the first dose and certification of the conclusion of the vaccination cycle.

The certificate of healing is valid from the date of the first post-illness negative swab or from the reported recovery date by your doctor. This certification is valid for 180 days. The certificate of receipt of the first dose is valid from the 15th day after the first vaccination performed with Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca and has a duration of 6 months. The certificate of conclusion of the vaccination cycle is obtained by carrying out the two administrations foreseen by the Astrazeneca, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or with the single administration of J&J. The same Green Pass is also issued to patients who have contracted Covid-19 within the 12 months preceding the first administration and for which vaccinators have deemed a single administration sufficient.

Who controls the green passes, and what sanctions do they risk?

The managers of public places, according to recent provisions, are obliged to apply for green certification - healing, reception first or second dose - customers and, according to what is reported in the circular, will also be able to ask for identity documents only in case of "obvious violation". Verifying the identity of the holder of the Green Pass remains at the discretion of the operator but becomes necessary if "there is a manifest inconsistency with the personal data contained in the certification". If an identity document is requested, the customer is required to show what is requested even if he does not have a public official in front of him.

To verify the validity of the Green Pass, a free app called Verification C19. The app does not store the personal information of citizens on the verifying device but only indicates whether the scanned QR Code is in order.

The citizen has fines ranging between 400 and 1,000 euros, to which will add a false report in case the identity does not correspond to the green certification.

The manager will be punished if he does not ask customers to show the Green Pass at the entrance of the restaurant. However, he will not be held responsible for the presentation of false green passes, unless the inconsistencies of the certification exhibited and this pass unpunished are evident. Also in this case the fines oscillate between 400 and 1.00 euros but, in addition, the closing of the financial year is also foreseen if the violation is repeated three times.

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