Netflix: the Hellbound trailer and the upcoming k-drama calendar

Netflix: the Hellbound trailer and the upcoming k-drama calendar


The highly anticipated horror series by the director of Train To Busan was presented during the Tudum event; in addition, the list of release dates of the platform's original Korean series up to the beginning of 2022.

During Tudum, the very popular stunt with which Netflix presented the best of its original productions - both unreleased and " returning "- an entire section was reserved for k-dramas, increasingly popular on the streaming platform (even in Italy, Squid Game is the most viewed series of the weekend and the first Korean to reach the Netflix Top 10, despite not being not even dubbed in our language!).

For the occasion, the teaser and then the extended trailer of what is the most anticipated Asian debut series of the year, the paranormal horror Hellbound, has been released. Based on the webtoon (the digital comic) Jiok written in 2019 by Yeon Sang-Ho and illustrated by Choi Kyu-Seok, Hellbound will debut on Netflix on November 19th; it is directed by none other than the celebrated director of the flawless zombie movie Train to Busan (and the not-too-thrilling American from the sequel Peninsula) Yeon Sang-Ho. Hellbound follows a handful of characters, including the charismatic cult leader played by Voice of Silence's talented and award-winning Yoo Ah-in. An investigative reporter (the versatile Park Jung-min of Deliver us From Evil), an idealistic lawyer and a resolute detective investigate him and above all the link between the religious cult and the advent of terrifying angels of death who announce death predestined victims and then hunt them down to drag them to hell. Hellbound was also successfully presented at the Toronto Film Festival and will make its debut on October 15 at the Bfi London Film Festival.

TUDUM! 2021. Song Kang. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix © 2021 On the occasion of the Tudum event, presented by the K-pop idols Kai of Exo and Hee-chul of Super Junior (who will be the protagonists of the reality New World in November) and with the guests of Jung Hae -in (DP) and Song Kang (Sweet Home), Netflix also released the release program of the platform's original k-dramas, which made Korean productions its main hub of serial productions after the American one (in January it opened two new production studios in South Korea) as evidence of how popular these are now. Among these stands another highly anticipated k-drama, the sci-fi Sea of ​​Silence with Doona Bae (Sense8) and Gong Yoo (Goblin) centered on a team on a mission to the Moon. Which we will see in December.

Here is the complete list of the original Korean series coming to Netflix:

October 1st: Paik's Spirit

October 15th: My Name

November 19th: Hellbound

December: The Hungry and the Hairy (reality)

The Silent Sea

Single's Inferno

January: Juvenile Justice

All of Us Are Dead

February: Love and Leashes

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Netflix has acquired a video-game studio in a major move to further its gaming ambitions

"Oxenfree." Night School Studio © Night School Studio 'Oxenfree.' Night School Studio
  • Netflix announced on Tuesday it had acquired the video-game studio Night School Studio.
  • Netflix plans to offer video games alongside its shows and movies at no extra cost to subscribers.
  • Night School is best known for the 2016 supernatural thriller game 'Oxenfree.'
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  • Netflix is diving deeper into video games with the purchase of its first game studio.


    The streaming giant announced on Tuesday it had acquired Night School Studio, a games developer known for 'Oxenfree,' a 2016 supernatural thriller game.

    'We're inspired by their bold mission to set a new bar for storytelling in games,' Netflix's head of game development, Mike Verdu, said in a blog post on Tuesday. 'Their commitment to artistic excellence and proven track record make them invaluable partners as we build out the creative capabilities and library of Netflix games together.'

    Netflix is in the early stages of games development, but has already started testing mobile games in Poland. Netflix has said that games will be offered alongside its films and TV shows at no extra cost for subscribers. The company plans to develop original games and license games.

    'Night School wants to stretch our narrative and design aspirations across distinctive, original games with heart,' the studio's cofounder, Sean Krankel, said in a blog post.

    Netflix plans to partner with other developers to create games and some had already shown an interest, Greg Peters, the operating and product chief, said during the company's Q2 earnings call in July.

    'We can do what we've been doing on the movie and series side, which is just hyper laser-focused on delivering the most entertaining game experiences that we can,' Peters said. 'So we're finding that many game developers really like that concept and that focus.'

    Some games will be based on Netflix's own IP, but others might be standalone titles that 'maybe someday' will launch films or series, Peters said.

    The company is hiring for a slew of gaming jobs that include a product manager, senior researcher, and a producer.

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