PlayStation Gadget | The best of 2021

PlayStation Gadget | The best of 2021

Arrived on the market in 1994, the first PlayStation quickly became an icon in the world of gaming, immediately competing to rewrite what, until then, had been the rules of the console market. Aggressive communication, the spread of games on disc, and a plethora of captivating and memorable titles, combined to create what is, in all respects, a myth today!

Creator of battle like Crash Bandicoot, who over the years has become as iconic as Nintendo's Super Mario or Sega's Sonic, but also less playful but equally unforgettable characters such as Solid Snake or Lara Croft, the first PlayStation is fondly remembered by millions of fans around the world and that's why we decided to dedicate this new gadget-themed article to them, with which the most avid can indulge themselves in the purchase of many PlayStation-themed products, of course certified and licensed.

In our list, therefore, we have tried to include truly unmissable and memorable items, which can satisfy lovers of furniture and design, or even just those who, out of pure habit, would not despise having any object with the logo of the legendary Sony console! Are you ready for shopping?

PlayStation gadgets

PlayStation symbol lamp The PlayStation shoulder strap Crash Bandicoot TNT box PlayStation trophy cup PlayStation playing cards The anti-stress controller The PS1-shaped clock The PS1 alarm clock The controller cup The incense kart

PlayStation Symbols Lamp

Imagine the effect of seeing the four famous symbols of the PlayStation controller emerge from the darkness of a room. Anyone who has played PlayStation at least once will recognize these symbols from a distance, and will be thrilled to see a product like this. With the luminous symbols resting on a structure reminiscent of the lines of the PlayStation 4, this lamp establishes itself as a good design product. With its three switching modes: normal switching on via the switch, switching on based on sounds or intermittent flashing, this lamp becomes and makes it a perfect piece of furniture near the TV or as a backdrop for live streaming. The lamp also has a double power supply function: via micro USB or via AAA batteries not included. Its almost 80cm long and 7 '' x 11 '' thick and deep make this lamp a must-have for PlayStation fans!

PlayStation shoulder strap

If you want to show your love for the first Sony console, this is the right article for you! We are in fact talking about a beautiful shoulder strap in the shape of the first Playstation console and produced under license by Bioworld, a well-known brand specialized in the production of licensed items. Made mostly of soft eco-leather, this shoulder strap measures 40 x 28 x 8.7 cm, and is large enough to allow you to carry books, tablets, and anything else you may need during your days away from home. Divided into two large internal compartments, one of which is lockable with a hook, this licensed shoulder bag features a smaller internal pocket and an external compartment with a zipper. The attention to detail used to create the relief of the keys is really high also thanks to the external structure completely in polyurethane which gives it the shiny appearance, while the gem of this shoulder strap lies in the reproduction of a controller that protrudes from the back pocket of the shoulder strap.

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