Switch Pro: Nintendo takes position on report on new 4K model

Switch Pro: Nintendo takes position on report on new 4K model

Switch Pro

Nintendo denies reports about a switch with 4K support. As the publisher writes on Twitter, a recent article according to which Nintendo is providing individual developer tools for a new Switch model with 4K support is not the truth. Nintendo informs its investors and customers that "this report is wrong". In addition, the Mario group adds that it has no plans for a new model of the Nintendo Switch - except for the OLED variant, which will appear on October 8th.

The statement refers to a current report from Bloomberg. com, who reported that "at least" eleven game studios were working on new games with a "4K Nintendo Switch Kit" (buy now € 379.26). This includes both smaller and larger development studios, including Zynga, which has not yet developed a console game and is best known for browser games. Bloomberg received the information from individual employees of the game studios.

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Nintendo categorically denies that a 4K Switch Pro is in development

It is rare for a big company to come out and categorically deny an entire report, but that’s what Nintendo just did — the Japanese corporate entity issued a press release insisting Bloomberg’s seeming revelation that Nintendo was pushing developers to build 4K-resolution games for an upcoming but potentially canceled “Switch Pro” handheld was entirely incorrect.

Nintendo writes the report “falsely claims that Nintendo is supplying tools to drive game development for a Nintendo Switch with 4K support” and insists that it’s “not true.” Separately, it says that it has no plans for any new Nintendo Switch other than the slightly refined OLED model that’ll be out next week.

On Thursday morning, Zynga spokesperson Sarah Ross also denied the report, saying in a statement to Bloomberg and Kotaku, “To clarify, Zynga does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.” Zynga was the only developer named out of the 11 companies that Bloomberg reported receiving a 4K Switch developement kit.

While there’s always a possibility that the language technically allows for most if not all of Bloomberg’s report to be correct — that, for instance, there was a 4K Switch development kit, and that Nintendo did push developers to build 4K content, and that Nintendo is simply not pushing that anymore — Nintendo is attempting to say that the entire report is not true.

Bloomberg appears to be standing by its report, which isn’t much of a surprise. It comes from respected game/tech industry journalists who have been extremely well-sourced in the past, and this report is no exception: it cites anonymous employees at 11 different game companies all saying they have a 4K Switch development kit. Following Nintendo’s tweet, the publication simply added an additional line about Nintendo’s denial.

Weighed against a Nintendo statement with even a little bit of wiggle room, I’d tend to believe 11 sources over the company, particularly when that company’s under investor pressure to have its new OLED handheld do well on launch day.

Update, 8:56PM ET: Added that Bloomberg has minimally updated its post to include Nintendo’s new denial.

Update, September 30th, 9:58AM ET: Added statement from Zynga denying possession of a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.

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