All the new Amazon products, from the Echo Show 15 to the Astro robot

All the new Amazon products, from the Echo Show 15 to the Astro robot

All the new Amazon products

Massive presentation of news for the Seattle giant with new accessories for home automation and smart assistance at home

(Photo: Amazon) An event full of news was the one by Amazon that took place last night, which has removed the veils from numerous products arriving immediately or in the coming months between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, ranging from smart accessories for everyday life to more curious and particular projects such as a real robot able to wander around the home. There are three devices for now also confirmed in Italy, namely the new Echo Show 15 hub that can also be hung on the wall, the Eero Pro 6 router and the Blink Video Doorbell smart doorbell. Here's everything that was presented.

Echo Show 15

(Photo: Amazon) Anticipated by rumors, the new hub for home automation and smart home assistance is official: the versatile Echo Show 15 is a 15.6-inch full hd smart display that can be oriented horizontally or vertically and can be placed on a flat surface such as a shelf or table, but can also be hung on the wall. Governed by the next-generation Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge chip and uses a redesigned interface with more freedom of customization.

Can serve as an ideal visual aid for various Alexa functions, can come in very useful in environments such as the kitchen for shopping lists and reminders, but can also take advantage of the wide and defined diagonal to turn into a mini TV by connecting to Prime Video, Netflix and other services. In short, it can become the hub for voice commands, multimedia and to control other connected devices.

The price is 249.99 euros and will be coming soon, this is the page to order it.

Blink Video Doorbell

(Photo: Amazon) The new Blink Video Doorbell video door phone can be installed with or without cable and counts on 1080p video by day or night, two-way audio and notifications on the app. It will arrive shortly at a price of 59.99 euros, this is the page to book it. It will be accompanied by two accessories such as the Floodlight Mount battery led support (39.99 euros) and the Solar Panel Mount solar charger (39.99 euros).

Eero Pro 6

(Photo: Amazon) The eero Pro 6 triband mesh router compatible with wi-fi 6 standards, TrueMesh technology and leans on the Zigbee hub to connect up to 75 devices, covering an area of ​​190 square meters in single mode and up to 560 square meters with three. Prices start at 199 euros instead of 249 euros or 511 euros instead of 639 euros for the three-pack.

Amazon Astro

(Photo: Amazon) The most curious news revealed by Amazon during the rich presentation is undoubtedly Astro, a robot for home automation with Alexa designed to move between the rooms at 360 degrees thanks to the two 30-centimeter wheels on the sides and the third to direct itself. Equipped with Qualcomm chips and five motors, it includes a wide range of sensors such as the 12 megapixel periscope camera that can be raised more than a meter (to control high surfaces such as tables), double speaker, ToF and ultrasound for navigation. Above all, it will have an Echo Show-type 10-inch display to interact with, showing stylized eyes and expressiveness. The front compartment can connect accessories such as blood pressure monitors or to recharge smartphones. Like the robot vacuum cleaners, it will have a charging base where it will go to fill up with energy. It will debut by invitation at a US price of $ 999, then the cost will rise to $ 1449.99 with the commercial debut.

Amazon Glow

(Photo: Amazon) Amazon Glow is a device smart designed for children that looks like a small smart display equipped with a projector that creates a touch-sensitive virtual display up to 19 inches. The integrated real screen is an 8-inch lcd and this gadget is designed for remote educational and recreational activities for the little ones, thanks to the collaboration with content creators such as Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon and Sesame Street. The US price is $ 249 (off the full cost of $ 299).

Smart Thermostat

(Photo: Amazon) Amazon's Smart Thermostat Smart Thermostat was made in collaboration with the Honeywell company and in fact uses the Home technology of the US brand. It will be controllable with touch commands on the device, from the app or via Alexa. Its strong point is maximum ease of use. For the moment it will debut in the US at a price of around 60 dollars.

The other news from Amazon

(Photo: Amazon) Halo View is the new version of the home smartband that now welcomes an amoled display putting itself in direct competition with the various companies in the sector such as Fitbit; accompanied by fitness and diet programs, for now it will only arrive in the US for 80 dollars. Amazon has announced how Alexa will soon be able to recognize custom sounds for more precise interaction. The mmorpg New World game is finally official after four postponements, it can be downloaded from Steam for 39.99 euros and is already first in the standings in front of Fifa 21. Finally, Amazon returns to talk about the security minidrone designed to flutter by moving between the rooms: the first selected test phase will start shortly with a cost of $ 250.

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