PS Plus: "Free" games for PS5 & PS4 in October - to be announced tomorrow

PS Plus: Free games for PS5 & PS4 in October - to be announced tomorrow

PS Plus

The announcement of the "free" games for PS Plus in October 2021 is getting closer. If Sony does not deviate from the previous pattern, the list of new inclusive titles will follow tomorrow, Wednesday, September 29th. Users can once again look forward to a selection of games for PS5 and PS4 that they can play permanently with an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. All you have to do is link the PS Plus games to your account within the offer period. The downloads are expected to start on October 5th this time.

Sony usually names the new "free" games for PS Plus on the last Wednesday of the month. The games will then be available in the PlayStation Store on the first Tuesday of each new month. You will then have a month to link the titles to your PSN account.

Recently, fans speculated that the first-person shooter Hell Let Loose could be part of the October line-up on PS Plus. The time would fit: The title will be released on October 5th for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. At the time of the release of Destruction All-Stars, Sony announced that PS Plus would continue to offer more games on the day of their release. In addition, fans see the PlayStation beta for the game as an indication that a deal with Sony could exist. For PS4, on the other hand, the golf simulation PGA Tour 2K21 and the beat'em-up Mortal Kombat X could be available in October, according to a leak.

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PS Plus: Speculation about the "free" games for October, fans have "hot candidates"

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PS Plus: Activation of the "free" games for September today, date for October games

Sony is releasing the "free" games on PS Plus for September 2021 for download today. In the article you can find out all the information. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1380011,1380318,1379904,1379082'; We will soon find out whether the assumptions are confirmed - when Sony announces the line-up for PS Plus. Until the October games are activated, you will still have access to the titles that Sony distributed via PS Plus in September: Hitman 2, Overcooked: All You Can Eat and Predator: Hunting Grounds. To add the games to your game library, you need an active PS Plus membership. The annual subscription costs around 60 euros.

Free PS Plus Games For October 2021 Leaked Online

October's free PlayStation Plus games have leaked online, and they seem like the real deal.

Credit: Sony

Earlier this month, I posted about a possible free PlayStation Plus game for the PS5 in October.

That game was Hell Let Loose, a 50 vs 50 tactical World War II shooter that’s already out on PC on Steam where it currently boasts a Very Positive user review score.

The reasons for this being a likely PS Plus candidate are manifold, but the short version is this: The game comes out on Tuesday, October 5th and PS Plus games are typically released the first Tuesday of the month. You can’t pre-order it on PS5 but you can on Xbox Series X, indicating that Sony wants to avoid issuing refunds when it releases for free on the subscription service. The beta/demo weekend for the game was only on PlayStation, not on Xbox suggesting a deal between Sony and the game’s publisher.

There are others but these were key details.

Now, French website Dealabs has published what they claim to be the leaked PlayStation Plus lineup for October. The website has had accurate data in the past so while we should all take leaks with a grain of salt, this might be a bit less salty than usual. Here are the free PS Plus games for October if the leak is accurate:

  • Hell Let Loose (PS5)
  • Mortal Kombat X (base version, PS4)
  • PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)
  • This looks exactly like a typical monthly lineup for PlayStation Plus. One new-to-console next-gen FPS, one older but still relatively modern brawler (that has lots of upgrade-for-money options) and a random sports game. There’s almost always a game that I’m disappointed with—golf smh—and one that I own—Mortal Kombat X—and every once and a while something I don’t have yet that I’m looking forward to. Hell Let Loose fits the bill there.

    In any case, we’ll know for sure what the free titles for October are on Wednesday the 29th, so stay tuned . . . .

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