Best 2K monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S July 2021

Best 2K monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S July 2021

Together with our guide on the best 4K monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S to buy, it seems more than fair to take care of a lower resolution, but no less qualitative. Among the vast choice of 4K panels, there are many gamers who prefer to find a middle ground that still allows them to enjoy a visual aspect that remains of great impact. To meet the needs of these gamers, there are a whole series of 2K monitors, with 2560 × 1440 resolution, very affordable and with excellent quality that you can buy at great prices on Amazon.

It is right to start with one premise to underline. Each 2K monitor has its own characteristics that differ in brands, models and various unique or sometimes recurring features. Measuring inches, for example, is one of the first things to take into account, especially if you don't have a lot of space on your desk. Now that we've outlined these features to keep in mind, let's get started with the list of the best 2K monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Best 2K monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

Lenovo Q27q Philips LG UltraGear Oversteel Krypto Samsung Odyssey

Lenovo Q27q

Let's kick things off with a Lenovo Q27q 2K monitor. At a more than excellent price (and currently also discounted on Amazon) you will be able to get a high quality panel at home without spending a fortune. With its modern design and ultra-thin edges, this monitor won't struggle to find a place in your room. Even for the technical characteristics, we are talking about a high-quality panel that also features FreeSync technology, optimal for all those looking for a quality gaming experience.

Philips 241E1SCA

Let's stay at Philips, with a 2K monitor very suitable for anyone who has just entered the new generation of gaming with PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S. With performances very similar to the previously proposed panel, you will be able to take home a more than excellent warning at an even lower price. This panel brings with it all the features already mentioned above, with the only absence concerning the Ultra Wide Color technology. Despite this, if you decide to focus on this screen, you will certainly have a curved 2K warning capable of satisfying you with any kind of game and in any visual circumstance, even outside the gaming world.

LG 27GN800 UltraGear

We also find space for an LG 2K monitor entirely dedicated to gaming. Thanks to the UltraGear panel, your performance during gaming sessions will always be at its peak. If you don't have an exaggerated budget, this solution will allow you to play with your next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles making the most of the features of this screen. In addition to the FreeSync function, this LG panel also has HDR technology, which offers a visual aspect with more vivid and realistic colors in any gaming situation.

Oversteel Krypto

If you are looking for an excellent compromise that allows you to have a more than decent product at home at a not so excessive price, then your choice can easily fall on the Oversteel monitor Krypto. This panel was designed for videogame sessions, and will prove to be a more than optimal companion for all your forays into virtual worlds. Available in both 24 and 27-inch versions, this monitor provides incredibly detailed graphics, with crisp images and vibrant, faithful colors.

Samsung Monitor Odyssey

We close with a top choice and recently on the market. The Samsing Monitor Odyssey offers a series of features that will make your gaming sessions of extreme quality. This curved panel is available in two versions: 2020 and 2021, both with features and functionality more than suitable for video games. If you have recently purchased one (or both) of the new generation consoles, start to seriously think about combining this 2K panel with your new machines, so that you can better enjoy the game worlds you are going to explore.

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How to choose a 2K monitor for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

To best choose the panel that is closest to your needs and your economic budget, here are some essential features to evaluate during the purchase phase to ensure you have a good TV.


The width of the panel is measured in inches. This is one of the first to keep an eye on before buying a TV that is 4K or lower resolution. The thumbs allow you to immediately understand without too much confusion if that monitor matches your station. If you prefer to play at a certain distance from the panel, then you may want to aim for a larger monitor. If, on the other hand, you do not have an extremely large space available, it is also okay to aim for a panel that is between 32 inches.


Thanks to FreeSync technology your panel will have the '' access to the possibility of adaptively synchronizing to the update frequency. Thanks to the activation of FreeSync, visual effects that are not aligned with the rest of the image and other visual problems related to the frames on the screen will not appear on the screen.


HDR is a technology that by now for some years it has been present in many of the televisions that can be purchased. This feature allows you to see even more vivid and realistic colors, giving your gaming experiences a truly well-blended overview. In addition to this, the colors of your favorite game worlds also benefit from the activation of HDR. Thanks to significantly darker shades of blacks, and greater brilliance on lighter colors, by activating HDR on TVs that support this function, you can enjoy truly pleasing experiences.

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